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  • Persuasive Essay About Golf Courses

    When it comes to combining the joy of fresh air and the outdoors with an appreciation of nature, the challenges of a sport, and the opportunity to socialize and make new friends, Golf is unsurpassed. Golf truly has something for everyone, young and old, whatever your ability level. The truly international nature of the sport means it is appreciated the world over with courses stretching from the jungles of Malaysia to the ice-caked flats of Greenland. Courses have popped up in such diverse…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Day At Shawnee Country Club

    Shawnee Country Club, located on the east side of town, is a quiet and beautiful place. The “Country Club” is a place where I spend most of my time. The smell of fresh cut grass, and the sounds of purely struck golf shots are what makes this place what it is. Over the course of my daily trips to the Country Club, I realized that this place holds a lot of good and bad times for the golfers. Not only are there sounds of purely struck golf shots, but also groans of frustration coming from the…

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  • Authentic Swing Analysis

    Often, the most daunting and difficult task for man is the overcoming and conquering of one’s own mind and internal demons. In Steven Pressfield’s, The Legend of Bagger Vance this war in one’s own mind is exemplified in the character, Rannulph Junah. Throughout the novel, and two days of tournament golf, Junah, under the guidance of his sage caddy and mentor, Bagger Vance, was able to make peace with his demons, and reemerge as one of the South’s best golfers. The definition of…

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  • Baseball Vs. Basketball: Similarities Between Baseball And Basketball

    Baseball vs Basketball What is it like to switch from baseball to basketball? This is a question many people ask me. Baseball and basketball are good in their own separate ways. Haven't experienced both,I can tell you that there are plenty of similarities as well as some very big differences between the two types of sports.There would be some big adjustments between them too. Baseball and basketball have many traits in common.Both baseball and basketball are sports.They both have…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Fastball

    I saw the ball going low and outside at about 91 mph. I shuffled over, but not quickly enough as the ball caught me right where I did not have padding. I felt the bone dance out of place like a ballerina. I laid there, rolling in agony. After a few seconds the bone shifted back into place and I was yelling in pain. The coaches went running out to help me. Before the inning, I got all my catcher’s gear on and got ready to catch the fastest fastball in the league. JoJo Joseph threw harder…

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  • Serial Killers: Ted Bundy

    Theodore Robert Cowell, more commonly known as Ted Bundy, is undoubtedly one of America’s infamous serial killers. Before Bundy was executed in 1989, he confessed that he killed at least thirty women. However, Bundy’s former defense attorney John Henry Browne recently revealed that Bundy had confessed to him that he had killed more than a hundred people, including both women and men. Bundy also admitted that his first victim was a man, who differs considerably from Bundy’s preferred victims:…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Gopher State Baseball Tournament

    July 22, 2012 was one of my favorite days of my life, it was the day we won the Gopher State Baseball Tournament. We got to take a coach bus up to target field and walk on the field with all the other age groups that also won. On the way up no one could sit still we were all exhilarated to be on a Major League Baseball field. But before we get to that, we should start at the beginning of the season and the state tournament. It was my first year of Royals baseball and I was the only baseball…

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  • Dingers For Days: A Short Story

    Dingers For Days “It’s a great night for baseball, the sun is going down, there is a slight breeze but it’s not strong enough to affect what the baseball is going to do. It’s the bottom of the 9th, the TIgers are down by one and Carter Ace is up to bat. He’s got two strikes on him and the next pitch is thrown and it looks like there’s heat behind it…..CRACK! It's going, going, going, and it's gone! Carter Ace hits the game winning dinger. The L.A Tigers win the championship game in regionals,…

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  • John Hale In The Crucible

    “I mean to crush him utterly.” Reverend John Hale said this when he talked about the Devil. Reverend Parris invited Reverend John Hale of Beverly to Salem to find witches. Reverend Hale thinks he is the best at his job and will not stop until he finds them. John Hale like myself is prideful, excited and arrogant. John Hale and I are very prideful. Reverend John Hale showed his pride by stating in the first act, that he knew what to do. After Reverend Parris invited him, he came to Salem to hunt…

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  • Informative Speech: Producing Myself Through My Objects

    General Purpose : To introduce myself through my objects to my audience. Specific Purpose : Describe myself to my audience using a community magazine from my old hometown and my golf ball. These two objects represent significant moments in my life. I. Introduction A. (Attention Gainer) “ If it doesn’t challenge you , it won’t change you.” ( Fred DeVito) B. (Thesis Statement) Good Morning everyone today I , Emily Longoria , will be introducing myself to you all with these two objects that…

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