Major depressive disorder

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  • Seven Psychological Perspectives In Psychology

    can use their expertise to observe and make inferences concerning a variety of psychological illnesses, such as depression. Major depressive disorder can be characterized as a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and apathy are endured over an extended period of time (Gerrig, 2013). Common symptoms of depression include the development of eating disorders, insomnia, anxiety, self injury, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, and always putting oneself down (Gerrig, 2013). Each of…

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  • Examples Of Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

    applied to the mentally ill because even if you aren’t in congruence, you take the steps to get there. A study was done to see what effects valuing happiness had on those who were deeply depressed, “valuing happiness was associated with increased depressive symptoms in a community sample with…

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  • The Effects Of Bullying On A Child's Life

    Once the decision has been made to end one’s life, some young people begin making final arrangements. These arrangements consists of giving away prized or favorite possessions, putting their affairs in order, saying good-bye to family and friends and making funeral arrangements. Other signs to cause such hopelessness concludes with experiencing a recent loss of a loved one, relationship, job, etc. Some increase the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs. Recent separation or divorce of parents causes…

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  • St John's Wort Benefits

    depression and anxiety, reduce muscle pain and headache, and relieve upset stomach. Currently, St. John’s wort remains a popular herbal remedy for mild to moderate depression, menopausal symptoms, skin redness and irritation, minor wounds, mood disorders and sleep disturbances, as well as shows promising results in therapies for cancer, inflammation, and bacterial/viral infections. In Germany, Saint-John 's-wort is considered as a drug and has been approved/regulated by Commission E (the…

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  • Brain Scans And Depression

    here are three recent medical studies connected with the brain: Brain Scans and Depression Recently, researchers at King’s College London and The University of Manchester conducted a study involving 64 patients who were in remission from major depressive disorder. None of the participants were on prescription medication for depression at the start of the study. As part of the study, which was funded by the Medical…

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  • Depression In School Counseling Essay

    School counselors are responsible for assessing, addressing, and advocating for the academic, career, and personal/social needs of students. Helping students achieve success in each of these areas can be a demanding and complex task. Many students will face barriers that may stifle their ability to achieve along these domains unless school counselors are able to effectively intervene on their behalf. One of the most substantial barriers to student success is the increasing prevalence of…

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  • Deep Brain Stimulation

    effectively treat various diseases and disorders ranging from Parkinson’s disease, to OCD, anorexia, substance abuse, Tourette’s syndrome and major depressive disorder (MDD). This occurs through an invasive surgery where an electrode is placed near a particular region of interest for the disorder and is set to release a determined electrical current to a specific part of the brain. One reason that DBS has been suggested for the use of various treatment resistant disorders, the development of…

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  • Depression Vs Cognitive Therapy Essay

    more susceptible to to depression due to genetic predisposition and exposure to significant negative life events (Spirito, et al., 2011). In adolescents prone to depression, stress, typically from an interpersonal conflict, may initially produce a depressive episode (Spirito, et al., 2011). The research indicates that when an adolescent is under stress, cognitive errors (e.g., catastrophizing, personalization) and negative views of self and the future may occur (Spirito, et al., 2011). In…

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  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy Theory

    According to Brakemeier and Frase states in their study “interpersonal psychotherapy as an effective short-term treatment strategy in major depression. In IPT, a reciprocal relationship between interpersonal problems and depressive symptoms is regarded as important in the onset and as a maintaining factor of depressive disorders.” The theory is used into three phases. According to Murdock (2013), the first phases will be the intake and the diagnosis procedure. There are two different…

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  • Analysis Of Sigmund Freud's Psychodynamic Therapy For Depression

    century. The psychoanalytic theory states that childhood experiences and unconscious desires influence behaviour. Personality has urges, believes, memories, instincts and drives that people are not always aware of and they make up this unconscious. The major driving forces behind it is the concept of libido. Libido is natural energy source that fuels the mechanisms of the mind and when this libidinous energy is stuck or fixated at various stages of psychosexual development, conflicts can occur…

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