Mahayana sutras

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  • Siddharth The Four Noble Truths

    Before the name Buddha comes into play he started off as Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism itself to be a Dharma away a teaching and it's much less focused on the exterior it's not really monotheistic or polytheistic- they're not talking about gods or goddesses they're talking about you they're talking about what you cando to free yourself to find enlightenment of what they call Nirvana and we'll talk about that in a moment but we have the year at about 563 BCE and you have to remember that a lot of…

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  • Vipassana Research Paper

    The meaning of Vipassana: Vipassna is a Pali word which means seeing clearly, seeing specially or seeing through (Vi: clearly, specially, into, through + passana : seeing). Vipassana means introspection, intuitive wisdom, intuitive knowledge..Vipassana is often translated as Insight. It is the method of practice discovered by the Lord Buddha, which led to his enlightenment over 2,500 years ago. (Perhaps explain the Pali language) Vipassan means seeing through the true nature of reality or…

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  • Is Buddhism A Religion Or A Philosophy

    to todays current Buddhism in the Eastern world, we see a mix of versions. Theravada which in some places has fundamentals from the Hindu religion. Mahayana which world model is somewhat diverse and includes the bodhisattva as ideal and then there is Tibetan Buddhism which has altered there set of teachings and practices yet very similar to Mahayana. Then what I don’t understand and the funny part is that there might not even be a thing such as Buddhism. When the Buddha was sitting under a tree,…

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  • Language: A Soteriological Approach

    be mutually exclusive and instead posits that they can both be understood as complementary aspects of the path to enlightenment, building his argument with the contradictory and paradoxical language of Zen doctrines, including the Diamond Sūtra and Heart Sūtra. Park then examines, under his soteriological lens, the illogical nature of language in the context of…

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  • Buddhist Iconography

    Final Research Paper: Buddhist Iconography Throughout the years Buddhist iconography has been apparent in many cultures and societies. Over time it has changed and morphed in each location to conform their certain ideology. Each culture looks toward different bodhisattva and have various elements in their iconography that they believe, represent the Buddha his teachings. This essay will explore the beginning of Buddhist iconography, Buddhist symbols and their meanings, how the different…

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  • Zen Art: Painting Analysis

    Katach (“form and design”) is the Japanese word that best translates the concept of “art”. A word which implies that “art is synonymous with living, functional purpose, and spiritual simplicity” (Walkup). Zen Art is by its nature spiritual as it was “done not by professional artists, but by Zen monks and nuns who spent extremely disciplined lives of meditation, in a search for enlightenment and awakening to the true nature of reality”(Sweet). The core foundation of the art-form is the belief…

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  • Dagchen Sonam Rinchen Research Paper

    Dagchen Sonam Rinchen, the Sakya Head, was then a boy of only 16 years old. Well, Who would have thought in his or her wildest dream that, some 300 hundred years later, a local spirit of Dol region would one day occupy the highest and undisputed Dharma protector throne of Gelukpa School? Shugden followers assert that he is a Dharma protector who appeared for the sole purpose of protecting Gelug doctrine. He has the blessing and the recommendation of Tsongkapa. If that is true, why was he not…

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  • The Four Stages Of Bodhisattva

    The Term Mahayana refers to great vehicle. Mahayana was developed by the Mahayanists in order to compare their principles with those of other Buddhist sects, particularly the Theravada. Mahayana the “great vehicle” was used to fake Theravadins by naming their principles ‘Hinayana’ or ‘small vehicle’. Mahayana Buddhism focuses on the doctrine of the Bodhisattva. The term Bodhisattva can also be named as Buddhahood, which means desire for complete enlightenment, has been aroused. Mahayana Buddhism…

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  • Comparing Theravada Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism And Zen Buddhism

    Buddhism can be broken down into main schools all have their own teachings and purposes. The school are Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Zen Buddhism I will discuss the similarities and differences. Theravada Buddhism,it is considered the most conservative branch of Buddhism. It is known to be a monastic branch and is very strict, Thereavada is known for sticking to the original teachings of Buddha. According to Theravada Buddhism, one must live ethically, meditate,…

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  • Dbq The Role Of Buddhism In Ancient China

    Buddhism was a very controversial philosophy in ancient China; many philosophers and scholars had strong views and arguments for or against Buddhism’s principles. Buddhism was founded in India and brought to China around the first century C.E. Buddhism’s influences spread throughout China slowly but gained more followers after the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220 C.E and continued to spread many centuries afterwards, during the empire’s political instability. China’s broken government and…

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