Magnetic field

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  • Hooke's Law Experiment

    Investigation Hooke’s Law AIM: To investigate how a spring behaves when a force of load stretches it. To figure out the relationship between the loads added to spring and the extension of spring. HYPOTHESIS: I think that as the load added to spring increases, the extension of the spring will increase. The relationship between them will be directly proportional. The formula of these two variables might be F=kx. F stands for the load added to spring, k is spring constant and x stands for…

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  • Ohm's Law: Explain The Relationship Between Electric Current, Voltage, And Resistance

    Electric current is measured in amperes (A). Voltage: The difference in electric potential energy of charged particles between two points within the electric field is called voltage. The free electrons at the higher potential have more electrical potential energy whereas the free electrons at lower potential have less electrical potential energy. Voltage is measured in volts (V). Resistance: Resistance is the…

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  • Model Scenarios

    Model Scenario During recess on a sunny August afternoon, I noticed several of my students gathered together on the sidewalk. I walked over to see what the fascination was about, and found that one of the students had several types of magnets and other materials. The students appeared to be genuinely interested in discovering what would and would not attract to the different types of magnets. Once we returned to the classroom, several students made statements about characteristics and…

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  • Unexploded Ordnance Research Paper

    alone. Geophysicists use Magnetics in order to locate the unexploded ordnance to prevent accidents and damage to infrastructure as these devices may still be active. This is done via a variety of ways and applications. By mainly using magnetic waves we are able to detect certain anomalies in data to a certain…

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  • IRIS Case Study

    dynamic million-degree atmosphere and drives the solar wind.” (IRIS mission overview) This mission could help us to understand how material in the Suns corona reaches temperatures thousands of times greater than its surface. It may also explain how magnetic fields cause solar flares. All of these things will help us to understand…

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  • Magnetic Hysteresis Effect Of Magnetoresistance Effects

    Results An initial resistance versus magnetic field measurement on NdMo16O44 reveals a pronounced magnetic hysteresis effect when a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the current, but with unknown orientation with respect to the crystal axes, as shown in Fig. 2a for temperatures from 12K to 30K (at temperature below 12K, the overall resistance is too high to produce low-noise measurements with resolvable magnetoresistance features). The individual plots are offset to better show the…

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  • Shakess Experiment

    dependent variables were the amount of magnets (length of magnet) and the amount of shakes. This was done to help us discover if there was a relation between the amount of magnets, and the induced current produced. It was to investigate if a greater magnetic field and increased amount shakes would improve the shake torches ability to light the LED faster by producing more voltage. This was what was hypothesised; from the collected data it is fair to say there is somewhat a relation between the…

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  • Earth's Structure: A Qualitative Study

    Discussion The aim of this study was to investigate if age and gender are associated with children’s understanding of the earth’s structure. It was hypothesised that: older children will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to younger children, boys will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to girls, and younger children will construct different mental models of the earth compared to older children. The results of…

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  • 2008 Film Wall-E, A Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

    In the 2008 film Wall-e, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class is the last of its kind cleaning up garbage that has inhabited planet Earth. He is one of the robots sent out on Operation Clean Up to rid the Earth of the waste while the humans are out in space waiting for it to be safe to return home. During the film Wall-e comes across EVE (extraterrestrial vegetable evaluator), who is sent to Earth on a mission to scan for living proof in Earth. Throughout the film we observe how sociology…

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  • Hysteresis Motor Analysis

    magnitude in the disk(s) and ultimately lowers the area of operating hysteresis loop. Furthermore, for a thick disk, the radial component of flux cannot be disregarded in comparison with its circumferential component. In fact, such a two-dimensional field distribution will affect the overall performance of the motor. Also, It is clear from Fig. 6 8 that motors with thick disk require higher terminal voltage to produce a given…

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