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  • Courante Sarabande Analysis

    The courante (“running” or “flowing”) was a French dance whose choreography included bending the knee on the upbeat or offbeat and rising on the beat, often followed by a step or glide. The music is in moderate triple or compound meter and always begins with an upbeat. In many courantes, including the two in this suite, the meter shifts back and forth between 3/2 and 6/4, sometimes with different voices simultaneously implying different meters. Although the composer included two courantes in…

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  • Essay On Arcangelo Corelli

    Arcangelo Corelli is an impressionable Italian composer and violinist who exercised a wide influence on his musical peers and on the succeeding generation of composers. Arcangelo Corelli is the 5th child of very prosperous landowners. He was born on February 17 1653 in Fusignano near Bologna, Italy to Santa Raffini who was recent left a widow after his father died just five weeks before his birth. His mother named him after his deceased father Arcangelo. His first teacher is thought to be the…

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  • Giuseppe Fortunio Francescp Verdi Characteristics

    Giuseppe Fortunio Francescp Verdi was a Italian composer in the 19th century, he was known as one of the most influential composers in the 19th century. Giuseppe was born to Luigia Uttini and Carlo Giuseppe Verdi in Le Roncole Italy in the parm region of Italy. Since days were often considered to begin at sunset, this could have meant he was born on October 9th or 10th of 1813 accordingly to La Traviata Education Materials. One day after Giuseppe was brought until the world he was baptized in a…

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  • Les Misérables

    In 1978, Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil started working on a musical adaptation of Les Misérables in French. “This show was inspired by Alain’s visit to Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Oliver! in London.” (Musical World.) When Mr. Boublil saw the Artful Dodger he instantly thought of Gavroche and the idea of Les Misérables as a musical was created. They released a French concept album in 1980. In September of the same year a French director by the name of Robert Hossein staged…

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  • Franz Schubert's Musical Style

    1. Franz Schubert's musical style is characterized by a rare unity. Schubert's tone, organic and unique, permeates all the works of the composer, and allows determining instantly their authorship. While reviewing some of the works it can be noted that the most important feature for all of them is their penetration, regardless of composition genre. In this work sonata in C-Minor, D. 958 is considered. Sonata reveals the lyrical content with frequent changes of musical mood. Schubert…

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  • Scot Joplin Biography Essay

    Biography Scot Joplin was an African-American pianist and a composer who was born in between 1867/68 and died on the 1st of April 1917. Scot Joplin was born into a musical family of railway laborers in Texas. He was greatly helped by his teachers to develop and understand his knowledge of music in his early years. In his young age, the composer grew up in Texarkana where he was involved in the formation of a vocal quartet and also taught guitar and mandolin (Berlin, 1996). In the late 1880’s,…

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  • Randy Rivas Concert Report

    I, Randy Rivas, attended a performance with two separate chamber groups and a soloist. One of the chamber groups was Christine S. Lopez and Sung Ae Lee both performing on piano, the other was Paul Da Silva playing piano and Manon Robertshaw on cello, and lastly Sung Ae Lee doing a solo performance. This was performed at Cerritos College in the music building at BC-51. It began at eleven in the morning on February twenty sixth. First musical performance was the piece of Muzio Clementi’s sonata in…

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  • Thelonious Monk Research Paper

    Thelonious Sphere Monk was born on October 10, 1917 at Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Thelonious Monk was a famous jazz musician and composer that fell in love with music at a very young age. Before Thelonious Monk was known as a genius, he was judged by many observers for a decade, yet while receiving all the judgment he never changed his music once. Monk never gave up on himself and he loved his music so much, that's why he saw no need to modify his style. Thelonious Monk was around five…

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  • George Gershwin: A Brief Biography

    George Gershwin was one of the greatest American composers of the 20th century. Born to Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, New York on September 26, 1898 , George's legacy had started. George's brother, Ira Gershwin, was also involved in music at a young age. At one of Ira's piano lessons George began to play, with no prior lessons, and his parents discovered his love and natural talent for music they put him in lessons. His first mentor and teacher, Charles Hambitzer, early on had realized…

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  • Sebastian Bach Research Paper

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisensch (Turingia, Germany) on March 21, 1685 as an eight child to Johann Ambrosius Bach, and Maria Elizabeth Lammerhirt, and Eisensch is also the same place where Luther translated the New Testament into German 190 years before. Johann Ambrosius Bach, His father (1645¬¬-1695) was a church organist, his twin brother Johann Ambrosius was a string player, and a court trumpeter. Sebastian Bach was baptized in Saint George church three days after being born in…

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