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  • Terrorist Attacks: A Short Story

    We went to the lotion shop, the jewelry cart, and the makeup store before finding our stomachs growling. We decided to go down to the 1st floor of the mall for fried chicken. I was about to bite down on a crispy wing when it all started. First, there were gunshots that…

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  • Essay On Jk Vaccination

    moles, excessive dryness or moisture, pruritus, excessive bruising, rashes or lesions. Absence of recent hair loss or change in texture. Absence of change in nail shape, color, or brittleness. Uses sun protection devices such as hats, clothing and lotion while exposed to the sun. Absence of any unusually frequent or severe headaches; any head injury, dizziness (syncope), or…

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  • Nursing Perspective Critique

    Living with the Dying in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Nursing Perspective Critique Anna Evangelio, Von Vidal and Patricia Pineda University of St. Thomas NURS 3252 B: Clinical Inquiry Spring 2017 Living with the Dying in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Nursing Perspective Critique Statement of the phenomenon of interest In this article, the focus is on the phenomena of palliative care from the perspective of nurses who have provided care for children with life-threatening…

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  • Feminist Approaches To Environmentalism

    from substances and materials that cross through bodies and environments. Thinking of oneself as utterly exposed to toxins and climates makes environmentalism something that is always as close as one’s own skin…” — Stacy Alaimo Every time you put lotion on, shower, put on makeup, and wash the product off your face you participate in a boundless system of global environmental pollution. Many of our skincare products…

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  • Racism And Beauty In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

    What does it mean to be beautiful? In the novel, “The Bluest eye” written by Toni Morrison, she pens, “Beauty was not simply something to behold: it was something one could do” In other words, Morrison wanted to inform us that beauty is not what the media show us or some special characteristics or facial that distinctly make one superior to others. She wanted to stress that one does truly achieve true beauty until they appreciate and like who they are. In laymen terms “Beauty is in the eye of…

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  • Animal Testing Inaccurate

    There are thousands of chemicals that are deemed safe to be used in cosmetics such as shampoo, body wash, lotion, and makeup. Although these ingredients may have been proven safe by animal tests in the past, using them prevents more animals from being test subjects in the future. Many cosmetic brands - around 1,700 to be more exact - have found other ways to…

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  • Chemotherapy Essay

    When patients with cancer need to undergo therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation many side effects occur during those processes that could severely damage the patient’s self confidence. Cosmetics hold a high value with great significance for these patients, that help women stay intact with their culture and confidence from using wigs, makeup, body therapies, and plastic surgeries. Cosmetologist and oncoplastic surgeons take required college courses to pursue a career in this field. These…

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  • Cause-Related Marketing Campaign Essay

    1 CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING/CAMPAIGN For the past two decades, the increasing trend of cause-related marketing (CRM) had attracted many non-profit and even profit organisation to participant in this practice. An early example can be seen from the American multinational firm – American Express in 1984, engaging in monetary donation for every transaction with the company. (Rozensher, 2013) While non-profit organisation see this as an opportunity to raise funds, marketers see voluntary corporate…

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  • My First Car Research Paper

    A lot of people don't realize that one of the best things to do with babies is to take them out in the world. I speak from experience-I was a dad, at-home with my son, throughout his babyhood and early childhood. But, to the point. I'm assuming you're the kind of parent who wants to keep life interesting for both you and your child, and that you would like to provide your child with a variety of life experiences. Both of these goals can be accomplished by getting out of the house, and I don't…

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  • Occupational Intervention Scenario

    support the effectiveness of aromatherapy aid in relaxing and stimulate the brain to fall in a deep sleep cycle. The client should take warm showers to increase body temperature to comfortably fall asleep by using lavender scent body soap, shampoo, body lotion to stimulate brain relaxation prior to sleep, make sure check allergic reaction before continuing using the products. Based on a research of Effect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Vital Signs and Perceived Quality of Sleep in the Intermediate…

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