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  • Alpha Job's Role In The Bank Robbery

    The Alpha Job started out as just talk between five mutual friends. The five men shared a common mindset which led them to commit multiple state and federal crimes. Each offender wanted to make money as well as show that the government was corrupt and evil. They felt as if the government was against the common man by oppressing their freedoms. That being said the Alpha Job did not turn out the way it was planned. Now let's look at how each offender and witness played a role in Alpha Job. Alpha…

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  • Who Is My Grandfather: From Migration To California?

    grandfather came to United States it was originally just to work and make some money to take back to his family, but that changed when he got married. Magdaleno Rubalcava, my grandfather, was born on a little ranch in Los Zapotes, Cuquío, Mexico. He was the youngest of over 10 children. Los Zapotes when my grandfather was born was just a bunch of ranches and till this day they aren’t as modernized as other parts of Mexico but they do have more houses and are using more modern technology. When I…

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  • Essay On Juvenile Gangs

    During the 1980’s the streets of Los Angeles, CA were turned into a major war zone. There were shootings everywhere you turned, from storefronts to schoolyards, no place or person was safe. Riots broke out and windows were being smashed. All of this from two of the most notorious gangs, the…

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  • Reaction To The Documentary: The Homicide Hollenbeck

    Reaction to the documentary: The Homicide Hollenbeck This documentary is about how gang activity operates in a neighborhood called Hollenbeck in California. The gang members often from poor communities, broken families, and are uneducated because most of them drop out of high school. They see describe the street life as a lifestyle of full excitement and as part of who they are , since most of them join the gangs while they were young and is the only thing they feel like they know how to do .…

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  • The Devil's Highway Analysis

    Title: The title The Devil’s Highway is both literal and metaphorical. Because the meaning of the title has both literal and metaphorical connotations, it easily captures the essence of the book. Literally, while these men travelled across the desert in order to reach the Mexican-US border, they traveled through the Devil’s Highway. Metaphorically, the title is a representation of how these men went through Hell on earth to get to where they needed to go. These men experienced dehydration,…

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  • Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story Comparison

    One of the many popular film Adaptations of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. This modern day film adaptation, released in October 18th, 1961, takes place in a rundown neighborhood on the streets of New York City. A gang called the Jets, lead by Riff (Russ Tamblyn), find themselves in a turf war with the Sharks, a gang from Puerto Rico lead by Bernardo (George Chakiris) . Tony (Richard Beymer), a former member of the Jets, notices…

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  • Gang Violence In Canada's Youth Gangs

    Gang violence in America is a huge problem but Canada’s gang population has become a strong issue with the tremendous amount of groups they have reached. A youth gang is an association including various amounts of people who are a part of criminal activity and who have created a group identity. These groups usually are formed in places that have people facing disadvantages and inequality within their community. Gangs deal with a high usage of drugs, weapons and violence. Youth gangs have…

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  • Fight Club Chapter Summary

    The book was a very interesting and informational read. The main character’s name is Sudhir, who was a student at the University of Chicago. Sudhir was a sociology student who wanted to research the projects and find out about the harsh conditions the people there deal with. The first time he goes looking for information he stumbles upon a high-rise building that seems to be deserted. Sudhir soon finds out that the building is in fact filled with people. After being interigated by many different…

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  • Essay On Why People Join Gangs

    1. There are many different reasons why individuals might join a gang. According to organized crime, we all have what is called cognitive R.A.M. or random access memory. It is the ability to process information just like a computer. Therefore, everyone is programmed differently and has different ways to process information in this world. Furthermore, how we process information is mainly determined how we were raised. Those particular individuals who are raised around gangs such as the Mafia…

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  • Unique Gangs In The United States

    alphabet. The MS-13 was formed in Los Angeles California in order to combat predatorily attack on Salvadorian immigrants. The Mala Salvatrucha is made up of cliques who have names of sailors like “Pelages, Uniones, Normandy, Fulton’s”(Fazeli, 2011) and this cliques are spread around the world. The MS-13 work through unions that are “La hermandad” (Fazeli, 2011) which means in brotherhood this union supports each other with guns and drugs. The gang as spread from Los Angeles, California beyond do…

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