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  • Supply Chain Case Study: Bread Garden Bakery

    The supply chain drivers are divided into two groups which are logistics drivers and cross functional drivers. Logistics drivers include facilities, inventory, and transportation while cross functional drivers are include pricing, information, and sourcing. Logistics drivers mean that the function is related to logistics activities that are driving the entire supply chain. Meanwhile, the cross functional drivers mean that each and every function is related with other functions. All of these…

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  • Khong Gai Case Study

    Executive Summary The production processes of the contemporary organizations follows strategic options and planning involving technological applications. Through the integration of the planning processes, process strategy, production processes, innovations, and creativity, companies become competitively involved in the production of quality products and services. The Khong Guan is one of the biggest biscuit manufacturers in Singapore, a historic beacon in this sector in the country. It offers a…

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  • Suguna Case Study

    EXECUTIVE SUMMURY SUGUNA FOODS LTD is engaged in producing bearing and connected elements, that square measure utilized in the vary of applications across industries. The company services numerous industries from agricultural machinery. A study on inventory management at “SUGUNA FOODS LTD, BANGALORE”. Stocks square measure regulated with in pre-determined limits set in accordance in inventory policy established by the manager. Inventory management is that the major a part of any producing…

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  • TRUMPF Case Study

    TRUMPF is one of the world's leading high tech firms and possesses a strong tradition of high-quality engineering and innovation to strengthen and refine their extensive line of manufacturing equipment products. Their focus is on manufacturing, electronics and medical technology, offering their customers both innovative and high quality products. The brand name TRUMPF suggests high-quality German engineering which help drive the firm’s success. TRUMPF is represented in all major world markets,…

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  • High Value Engineering Case Study

    According to Lambert, D.M, Supply chain management is the integration of key business processes from end-users through original suppliers that provide products, services, and information that add value for customers and other stakeholders. Dr. Yufeng Zhang states that High Value Engineering (HVE) is the application of engineering technologies, skills and capabilities to the creation, development and deployment of high value adding products and services that may lead to sustainable economic…

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  • International Supply Chain Management Case Study

    management process, as well as coordination with partner companies, or warehouses; - Tactical activity aims to adopt measures, which will ensure that the company will receive financial profit. This activity utilizes such practices as cooperation with logistic companies to receive discounts for transportation process, or cooperation with warehouses to receive discounts for inventory storages. - Organizational. This activity identifies the speed of processing orders, as well as the speed of…

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  • Jabil And Nypro Case

    integration of rigid plastic with flexible films and/or electronics technology tailored specifically to enhance its customer’s packaging solutions. However, Nypro and Jabil take it a step further by leveraging their deep expertise in supply chain and logistics as well as a global footprint that produces economies of scale most competitors cannot touch. Nypro’s parent company, Jabil, has made a significant commitment to leading the smart packaging conversation from ideation, prototype, and…

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  • Criteo Executive Summary

    Criteo is a French digital marketing company Founded by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Franck le Ouay and Romain Niccoli in 2005. It has 1,700+ employees in 27 offices across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serving 9,250+ advertisers worldwide and direct relationships with 11,000+ publishers. Their added value is based on transparency, customization and performance. As stated by them: “We use a transparent cost-per-click model and we measure value purely on post-click sales. This demanding model is…

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  • Walmart's Corporate Structure

    for its 5000+ stores. 7) Much of the competitive advantage that Walmart enjoys is directly related to its ability to restock its stores once products are sold. Given the size of the company, that is a huge job. The sophisticated point-of-sale and logistics systems used by Walmart help support the sales of goods and services throughout the…

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  • What Is Walmart's Competitive Advantage

    distributing them through its own logistics infrastructure…

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