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  • Importance Of Green Supply Chain

    chains. A dilemma exists between social and environmental sustainability where improvements in accessibility and infrastructure may increase mobility, but on the other hand, result in the deterioration of environmental sustainability due to increase logistics activity. Therefore, a great challenge for supply chain management research is the development of new models and perspectives, which is essential in helping individuals and companies to grasp and deal with the increased complexity…

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  • Essay On Supply Chain Innovation With Big Data Analytics

    Real Time Analytics in Supply Chain Paradigm shift Over a decade, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the way information is generated and handled in society. The change is driven by various factors: our vastly increasing ability to store and perform computation over very large sets of data; and most importantly the introduction of Internet of Things. The amounts of data available when making decisions or keeping an overview is enormous and is produced at ever increasing rates and the…

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  • Kanban System Case Study

    Kanban system and its role in JIT management Origin of Kanban Kanban is signboard or billboard in Japanese, an effective tool to manage the production system, Kanban was made from plastic or thick paper, it listed material code, production code, destination to be transport, origin issued code etc., representing the message of : when, what, quantity to produce, how to produce and transport. It was a concept borrowed and developed from Supermarket inventory management, the idea behind supermarket…

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  • Effective Operations Management In Toyota Motor Company

    Operation management is defined as a complete series of processes which starts from designing the product or services and involves developing and supplying the products or services of the organization to end consumer. It is the management of processes that transform inputs into goods and services that add value for the customer. It also includes other functions like – Quality management function, Management control and Coordinating function, Facilities management function, Inventory control…

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  • Benetton Supply Chain Analysis

    control at all phases and finished goods packaging internally. The diagram below explains about the historic supply chain model for Benetton. As the growth accelerated in mid 90’s, Benetton constructed a primary center to manage production, logistics and distribution. This new facility was located near the company’s headquarters in Italy. With the establishment of the primary center, which worked…

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  • Case Study Volvo

    Factor that Volvo moved systematically is effective customer services. Customer service can be defined as a process for providing significant value- added benefits to the supply chain in a cost- effective way. Customer focus is a ways that Volvo moved systematically. The company has effective customer service can be more success and gain more profit than company has lower performance in terms of customer services. It is because the strategic advantage in terms of customer services is difficult…

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  • Business Analysis Of Dell's Supply Chain Management

    1. Supply chain management Supply Chain Management (SCM): refers to the suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and distributors, etc., that meet the needs of a certain level of customer service to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system Effectively organize the management of product manufacturing, distribution, distribution and sales together. Including planning, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, return the five basic elements (Arndt, H., 2004). From the…

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  • Why I Choose A Supply Chain Management Career And My Personal Strategy For The SCM Career?

    have some back-up plans to meet those goals, such as applying for intern positions first rather than applying for manager positions after graduation. Furthermore, logistics careers have not only been held by men, but women also have been increasingly involved in this sector. As many women are holding up top positions in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, I also want to be one of them in this field with a successful career as my long-term goal. Related to my work experience,…

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  • Case Study: Virsa Logistics

    CHAPTER –II (ABOUT THE COMPANY) A. PROFILE OF THE COMPANY 1. With the promise to provide world class transportation services Virsa Logistics, came into formation. Our company is working as leading service providers of Logistics Services, International Logistics Services, International Freight Forwarding both Air & Sea, Import & Export, Warehousing and Custom Clearance services. These services are designed as per customer requirements and executed on time. We use all mode of transport including…

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  • Sourcing Sourcing Case Study

    Introduction In current business scenario every giant business organization is adopting powerful new ways of competitive advantage. This is called Supply chain management which includes all integrated activities to bring a product in the market to satisfy customer’s need (Adabi and Omrani, 2015). The activity of supply chain management integrates all the department like manufacturing, purchasing, operation, transportation and distribution then coordinate between them in a seamless process. The…

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