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  • Pooch Palace Case Study

    Functional Requirements The Figure below shows the Use Case Diagram of Pooch Palace's web app. There are 6 actors: SysAdmin, Manager, Attendant, Customer, Payment Processing Service, and Live Video Processing System. Managers have all capabilities of an Attendant, plus extra abilities like creating new services and viewing business metrics. Payment Processing System handles payments from stored credit card and POS System, and provides the information to system to store. SysAdmin exists solely…

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  • Secure HTTP Analysis

    This protocol is a variation of HTTP that provides the secure foundation for SSL transmission. S-HTTP performs what is known as a handshake when establishing a connection to exchange keys and creates an encrypted connection. Addresses to an SSL secure page use the prefix "https" instead of the common "http." Therefore, a secure page address would read https://www.hotmail.com The public-key system requires that each party have a public and a private key. These keys must be generated by a trusted…

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  • XYZ Credit Union/Bank Case Study

    allowed to use external devices without signed authorization from the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The employee ID policy would state that each employee who needs to access the network, systems or server would need their own login credentials. The policy would as include login credentials shall not be shared with others, employees will be provided the least amount of access needed to complete their duties, passwords must be changed every 90 days and review of access will be completed…

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  • Google Critical Thinking

    of remembering has been replaced by new digital tools. (2016 TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc.). For example,” Have you ever went on a website where you have to login account?” Of course, you don’t remember the information if you haven’t written it down somewhere. Google automatically saves the login information so all you have to do is press login and there it goes. Having poor memory on our brain functioning and our overall intelligence levels are difficult to…

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  • Logical Access Control Research Paper

    Logical Access Control Introduction The purpose of logical access control is to manage access to information in a way that: System is protected from unauthorized access Accidental damage from authorized user is minimized All Users have access to appropriate resources. The confidentiality and integrity of information in ABC Company are kept. This section addresses the logical access control requirements for All Users, and all assets of ABC Company, which include but are not limited to network…

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  • Domestic Violence Book Report

    Kemter, and Kimberly H. Goodwin. "Educational Services for Children in Domestic Violence Shelters: Perspectives of Shelter Personnel." Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, vol. 32, no. 5, 2015, pp. 405-415, Research Library, https://ezp.tccd.edu/login?url=https://search.proquest.com/docview/1710899893?accountid=7079, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10560-015-0380-x. This article written by Amy Chanmugam shows the true perspective on children dealing with domestic violence while handling…

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  • Employee Motivation Theory

    Introduction It was once thought that all employees were looking to climb the corporate ladder, break the glass ceiling, compete ruthlessly for the promotion, and lived for their yearly raise; however, employers are realizing that their workforce has other factors of motivation that are more personally tailored to each individual employee, and they do not relate to salary. Employers are taking into account an employee’s emotional and physical needs in order to motivate their employees and…

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  • Vulnerabilities And Loss Of Privacy In The Digital Age

    vulnerable” (Manjoo). Websites and software programs are interconnected more than ever before. Our phones can communicate with our cars and computers and we can use a Facebook login or Google login for nearly every website. Even though we value privacy, we continue to look past that and move towards convenience. One login to use for every websites is convenient for the consumer, even though it means that Facebook or Google knows what we are using on other sites. It also means that if either of…

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  • Social Media Information: Case Study

    ISSUE I. How can discovery be used to obtain social media information and what limitations do courts place upon this information? II. How can social media information be authenticated in court? BRIEF ANSWER I. While multiple methods exist, the best method is for parties to use traditional discovery mechanisms such as production requests to obtain any social media information as long as that information meets relevance standards. II. Social media information can be authenticated within the…

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  • Red Blood Cell Essay

    The measure of WBC and RBC Cells are very important for the doctor to diagnose various diseases such as anemia, leukemia etc. So, precise counting of blood cells plays very important role.. Fast and cost-effective production of blood cell count reports are of paramount importance in the healthcare industry. In the market there are various systems for the automatic quantification of blood cells that allow counting the number of different types of cells within the blood smear. The major issue in…

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