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  • Super Frog Saves Tokyo Analysis

    COMPLICATED, yet eloquent. Breath-taking, yet unique. This is how I describe Super- Frog Saves Tokyo, a peculiar story which was written by Murakami Haruki and was translated by Jay Rubin. In connection with this, this story of Murakami proves his different and astonishing style of writing fiction stories. Moreover, this fiction story of him proves his expertise in depicting imaginary people in imaginary situation. On the other hand, there are hardworking people who are not acknowledged. There…

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  • Arduino Sketch Essay

    8. Overview of the Arduino Sketch 8.1 General Codes MediaTek labs states that an Arduino sketch “is a source code file representing the core controlling logic for the LinkIt ONE development board. It consists of two main structures: setup and loop” (MediaTek Labs, n.d.). In this section I will discuss what the above code do. First, LinkIt ONE initializes the Ubidots account, then the sensors, Wi-Fi or GPRS, the location and finally the serial port. To minimize battery consumption, I did not use…

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  • Theme Of Irony In Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County

    irony. Irony occurs when what a reader expects to happen is the complete opposite of the actual outcome. Irony helps illustrate humor especially in the works “Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain and “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor. “Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” is a framed narrative that tells the tale of Jim Smiley who is really good at winning bets; More rather, he is good at manipulating the game to win bets. In the end of this short story, the…

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  • Urban Observation Report

    Los Angeles is a place where people of different social backgrounds lead increasingly separate, parallel lives. Individuals from all social backgrounds participate in routine activities in micro-spaces throughout the city such as purchasing a cup of coffee or riding the bus to work. These people can be a student going to school or a senior citizen out on a stroll. Even though they may cross paths and share certain spaces on a consistent basis, that does not mean that they live identical lives.…

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  • Greek, Roman, And Elizabethan Eras: The Evolution Of Conventions In Theatre History

    theatre history, such as the conventions of the Greek, Roman, and Elizabethan eras. I will continue to discuss staging conventions by analyzing and comparing different plays to these eras including Trojan Women by Euripides, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by William Finn, and The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. In the Ancient Greek era some of the most prominent aspects of staging conventions…

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  • Jefferson Bussey Character Analysis

    Jefferson “Jeff” Bussey is a 16 year old boy from Linn County, Kansas.. Who later enlists in the Union Army in 1861. Jeff is the protagonist of Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith. The novel takes place in between the years of 1861 to 1864 during the peak of the Civil War. Jefferson Bussey is a character who has left me with a strong impression. Because of his personnel growth from the beginning of the novel to the end,with the largest reason being the war. Jeff's physical traits in the novel…

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  • Jefferson Davis Bussey Research Paper

    I enjoy working on our family's farm even though it takes a lot of work. I, Jefferson Davis Bussey, believe that my family has the best home in Linn County. My family built our house from scratch. Sadly mother, Edith Bussey, doesn't like Kansas. She had lived her whole life in Kentucky, but moved to Kansas to be with her family. Father, also known as Emory Bussey, has always been a fan of President Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln has always been mine and papa's inspiration. People have been…

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  • Brookfield Police Department Case Study

    On July 09, 2016, at approximately 1742hrs, The Brookfield Police Department received a second complaint on a white male with no shirt on, with tattoos, walking near the Orschelns parking lot. Sgt. Henke and I located a male subject in the parking of Orschelns, 710 S. Main St near the 800blk of S. Main St. Sgt. Henke and I made contact and identified the male as Andrew Tritten. Andrew had an active Probation and Parole warrant with full US extradition. Sgt. Henke placed Andrew under arrest and…

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  • Brief Summary: Clayton Holbert

    Clayton Holbert I selected Clayton Holbert for my slave narrative. Holbert was born and raised in Linn County, Tennessee. His master was Pleasant “Ples” Holbert. Holbert says Ples had a large plantation with around one hundred slaves. Holbert was eighty six years old at the time of the interview by Leta Gray. Holbert mainly talks about everyday life. He says that the plantation was self sufficient. The slaves on the farm butchered their own meat, wove their own clothes, and made their own maple…

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  • Why We Should Increase Minimum Wage

    Rod Sullivan, the Chair of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, has a significant amount of experience and knowledge surrounding the increase of a minimum wage – as Johnson County is in the process of increasing theirs to $10.10/hour in incremental stages. Sullivan first points out the type of people who the minimum wage would help the most – women and African…

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