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  • How Does Soccer Impact My Life

    The FIFA video game has impacted my life by growing my interest in soccer and connecting me to my friends and family. FIFA grew my interest in soccer by showing me how much fun and impressive soccer can be. It helped connect me to friends and family by making us able to relate through soccer. The FIFA video game has been able to impact me because of its popularity in the world, its game development, and the awards it has won. Without FIFA, my interest in soccer might not be as high, my ability…

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  • Smoke Signals Analysis

    There are no cowboys or savage Indians tormenting or being tormented, there is simply a task at hand having to do with their tradition. Rather than a film with hero John Wayne protecting the Wild West from the ambushing Indians, the audience sees Indians minding to themselves and fulfilling their own customs. The film emphasizes family over the little violence and prejudices taking place. This also takes place in the contemporary…

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  • Vietnam Film Effects

    time in and around World War II, producers stayed away from making any movies during that time. There was one John Wayne classic from 1968 titled The Green Berets that was produced that even portrayed that dislike of the war. A main character in the movie was that of a reporter that was very critical of not only the war, but in some cases the soldiers fighting in the war. John Wayne was able though to put a positive spin on the war despite all the negativity surrounding it. It was not until…

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  • Analysis Of Flashpoint: Batman-Knight Of Vengeance

    The graphic comic is set in an alternative universe where instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne being killed and Bruce, their child using the traumatic childhood event to become the Batman, it is Bruce who is shot. With Bruce being shot, it is his father who uses the loss of his son to become The Batman. Martha is so overwhelmed with the loss…

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  • Western Film Themes

    Westerns: The Final Chapter During my research, I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t enjoy westerns very much. In order to understand why I don’t enjoy westerns much, we must first get a basic idea of what a western is. Westerns are more of an older genre as they are not made much in the modern day and age. To understand westerns, knowing the basic themes and elements would be most helpful. The four main themes of a western include: Man vs. Nature, Good vs. Evil, East meets West and…

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  • Rooster Cogburn's Film True Grit

    truly good guy like the signature John Wayne good guy act. John was a good…

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  • Gretzky Vs Lemieux Research Paper

    Why Mario Lemieux is Better Than Wayne Gretzky Who do you think is better: Gretzky or Lemieux? Arguably, you could say Wayne Gretzky was the number one player ever. Statistically, Gretzky is the greatest player in the NHL by scoring 2857 points. However, Lemieux has faced more challenges and still manages to be 8th in all time points. People may say that Gretzky is clearly a better player purely due to stats. As stats do tell some info about a hockey player, they do not tell you…

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  • Film Analysis: Hell Or High Water

    just for the ‘fun’ of trying to get away with it. Jeff Bridges fills the classic role of a Texas ranger that is out to stop the two robbers from stealing any more money from the Texas banks that he swore to protect. Bridges attempts the best John Wayne impression that he has. For ranger Marcus it is his last case as he will be retiring after the case is closed, an unmarried man with no kids, he has nothing to lose. By his side the whole way is his partner Gil Birmingham, a christian, Native…

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  • Serial Killers

    What makes a Serial Killer? Introduction The term serial killer refers to an individual who commits three or more premeditated murders. The term was coined by FBI profiler Robert Ressler while investigating the dastardly exploits of Theodore Robert Bundy. The American nation has been the host to 75% of all known serial killers. We have dealt with some of the most deviously brilliant minds over the years (Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Serial Murder”). The FBI started to research the minds of…

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  • Ed Gein: A Serial Killer

    A strong worn leather belt with deep notches carved every few centimeters is draped on a hook behind an old wooden door. A young boy sits cross-legged in a small, square garage, curiously staring at a collection of assembled metal. Slowly the four year old begins moving the heavy pieces with a desire to learn of their purpose. Heavy footsteps cause the young boy to be brought back to reality, just in time for him to feel a forceful tug on his arm, hear the sound of the belt whizzing through the…

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