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  • Importance Of Legacy

    anguish cannot lead to a life of fulfillment and…

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  • Rene Descartes: The Argument Of Substance Dualism

    of substances; mental and physical (material and immaterial). The existence of the substances are fundamentally distinct and exist independently of each other. If the soul can survive the death of the body, then there is the possibility of an after-life. Plato and Descartes are notorious for substance dualism which is also known as mind-body dualism, the believe that the soul is able to live on without the presence of the physical substance, the body. In this essay I will describe and assess the…

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  • Plato's Theory Of The Soul Analysis

    emotions. Socrates believed our souls were immortal, that once death arrived, our body and soul would separate. When our body dies, our soul dies along with it. The body is the prison of the soul. The nature of our soul is determined by the quality of life we choose to have, as it should be good and beautiful. After we have explored our self-knowledge, we can explain the difference between good and evil. Something Socrates spent a predominantly amount of time exploring, the true definition of…

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  • Bad Thoughts In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    their morals. This distaste for reality leads to a romantic remembrance of the past that doesn’t allow people to accept the present. An example would be the nightmares that the man experiences. His nightmares are more like memories of his past and extensions of the present. Furthermore, the man notes that “What he could bear in the waking world he could not by night and he sat awake for fear the dream would return” (130). The man returns to his happy memories of the past in his good dreams,…

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  • My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun Analysis

    Emily Dickenson’s poem titled My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun – is one of the many poetic works she created in her lifetime. The staple ambiguity of her poetry is ever present in this poem, which reflects the eccentric nature of Dickenson herself. This poem reflect the anger within her life and show how she is carried away by the male personified version of her anger and becomes an instrument of his. This poem offers an inside look into Dickenson’s psyche, as it show that she feels empowered by…

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  • An Analysis Of Plato's Dialogue Phaedo

    recollection of what was said by Socrates. Plato covers multiple themes, the most important of which being his idea of the “realm of the forms,” arguments for the mortality of the human soul, and a broader theme of a philosophical life being characteristic of a good life (Connolly 1). Being a dialogue, Phaedo is characterized as a conversation between two men: Phaedo and Echecrates. Echecrates is a philosopher who wants to know the story of Socrates’ death, thus he asks Phaedo to recollect the…

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  • Analysis Of Magical Realism In Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere

    The fictional story of Liz’s life and death deserves a place in the magical realism genre. Written by Gabrielle Zevin in her novel “Elsewhere”. The story fulfils all five points of magical realism: lyrical/fantastic writing, an examination of human existence, criticism of society, cultural hybridity, and authorial reticence. Done in two-hundred and seventy-five pages though the viewpoint of Elizabeth Hall. It starts with an examination of human existence early on. Through the mind of their…

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  • Coral Reef Biodiversity

    Biodiversity of Coral Reefs By: Ganesh Balaji Ecology is a macro-scale science that encompasses all biological life. However, in order to fully understand the depth of ecology, and its significance in relation to life on earth, one must study the biodiversity of the species living in this planet. Although the history of modern human civilizations has largely ignored the importance and complexity of biodiversity, understanding the many layers of biodiversity will provide us with richer knowledge…

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  • Survival Of The Self Vs Personal Survival

    question which has punctuated human thought throughout time. Whether embodied or disembodied, survival of the soul seems to be dependent on forces that humans do not have the technology to scientifically prove right now. The most plausible stance about life after death is no personal survival. To prove this, first, I will describe the arguments for personal survival, which I oppose, and then present an argument based on the unintelligibility of souls with Sosa’s “Spatial Awareness” debate. A…

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  • Do Not Gogently Into That Good Night Poem Analysis

    Introduction The presence of death in human life concern all the nations and all the countries of the world. The existence of rituals, customs, beliefs, and ceremonies of death proves global fear and respect to the death act. The majority of poets fail to perceive death as a regular event that would inevitably come to the life of every individual. Poems accordingly conveyed the necessity of either fighting back or the necessity of death’s acceptance. The observed four poems: “One Art,”…

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