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  • The Battle Of Little Big Horn Analysis

    The battle of Little Big Horn was a bloody battle that left many dead or wounded. Prior to the 1950’s, the leader of the federal troops, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer was the center of attention when it came to the battle. Even though him and his men lost, they were still looked at as heroes. They represented what all people should strive to be like, brave and relentless in battle. Just because the Native Americans technically won the battle, it did not mean that Custer and his men…

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  • Essay On The English Revolution

    The English Revolution of the 1640s was due to political and religious differences that originated during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). These disputes were between Puritans and Anglicans and between the King and Members of Parliament. A civil war, regicide, and Restoration of the Stuarts in 1660 were the course of this revolution. The first person of the Stuarts dynasty was King James I (1603-1625). He was the King of Scotland for 36 years when he became King of England. He was…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Father Of America

    Alexander Hamilton was quoted as saying, “My Birth is [was] the subject of the most humiliating criticism (Chernow).” While his childhood was filled with sorrow and darkness, Hamilton out grew those shadows and became one of the founding fathers of America. From serving in the army, to his final duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton committed his life to the cause of patriotism. A strong central democracy drove him to write the Federalist Papers and Hamilton’s way with the pen was noting but…

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  • Essay About Family: My First Generation Immigrant

    I am a daughter of two second generation immigrants. I am a first generation Asian American daughter. My grandmother was the first generation immigrant. My grandmother was the hero in this story. We are immigrants. From the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, my grandmother, my mother, and my father was civilians identified as Hmong’s—specifically the Xiong and Thao clan. From the mountains, my grandmother and my mother, a child at the time, fled their home country into the United States in the…

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  • Political Warnings In Robert Heinlein's Starship Trooper

    Political Warnings from a Warrior Turned Author As controversial today as when it was first written, Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel Starship Troopers appears at first to be a short, exciting science fiction jaunt common to pulp fiction. Heinlein’s novel chronicles the adventures of fledgling space solider, Johnny Rico, who in his pursuit of full citizenship volunteers for military service and ends up fighting in an interstellar war (Heinlein, Starship Troopers). However the Hugo award winning…

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  • Vietnamese Community Influences

    ”Dimidium facti qui coepit habet“ (Horace) “What we do in life echoes into eternity” (Russell Crowe) Growing up in Garden Grove, California, I am greatly influenced by the Vietnamese culture. Surrounding me included authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and different aspects of the Vietnamese community that might be scarce anywhere else compared to the region I live in. With that, the culture flows within my home as well, and such a lifestyle still remains, except for a slight difference; my parents…

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  • Sioux Gold Rush Report

    Identification and Evaluation of Sources This investigation examines the historical question of “to what extent did the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874 lead to the Great Sioux War of 1876?”. One key source chosen to support this investigation is a treaty written in 1868 between the the United States (U.S.) government and the Native American nations of the Dakota Territory regarding ownership and land rights of the Black Hills. The other source is a firsthand account from a Cheyenne woman that…

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  • The Fulstow Short Story

    Although he learned cobbling skills well enough, the world as seen by the sailors was too much a lure for the 13 year old the Fulstow lad. He knew of dangers however, as it was common for seaman to descend on Fulstow, press-ganging men into the navy. Fulstow was a prime target due to its proximity to Great Grimsby and known toughness of its men. He knew also that, in choosing to runaway from his master shoemaker, Robinson would become a wanted apprentice. There would be a public announcement…

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  • The Leadership Theory Of Fiedler's Contingency Theory

    Thailand. He made billion in the telecommunication industry before becoming the prime minister in 2001. He is truly a risk taker who takes the risk of almost every opportunity encountered. He left his iron rice bowl job in the police force as a lieutenant colonel and started the Shinawatra Company in 1987 to sell software, data communication, pager and mobile facility. At that time, all these businesses are relatively unheard of in Thailand and most parts of the world. However, being an…

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  • Ko And Adolphus Wariboko Novel Analysis

    A brief summary Nigeria was colonised in the year 1885 by the British, it then went on to become a protectorate under the Britain. Nigeria got her name from Flora Shaw who coined it from Niger and Area as there was a river called Niger flowing through the country. In the year 1960 on the first of October, Nigeria gained her independence after many meetings and conferences were held. Leading patriots, politicians and scholars of the time namely Nnamdi Azikwe, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa amongst many…

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