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  • The Mindful Carnivore Critical Analysis

    As much as the world has been in a relapsed denial, we are entering a time where the matter of opinion is held high above all of our heads and the thin string that is keeping it there is being stretched by the amount of people that feel obligated to reprimand on behalf of their opinions. On one end, this seems like an overly complex way for someone to negotiate the bitter truth that everyone is going to battle their rights to agree or disagree with a bigger picture. What is lost is our ability…

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  • The Speed Pillover Effect: A Literature Review

    The study could not find any spillover effects due to the increase in speed but the creativity to try hypothesis tests deserve special mention. “Speed spillover” effect is present when the speed limit is different in different roads. The spillover effect is evident when the drivers may continue to drive fast in roads where the speed limit is not increased Steven M. Rock [18] studied the effect of 65 mph speed in Illinois and also support the general notion that increase in speed limit to 65 mph…

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  • Essay On Deer Hunting

    Deer hunting is a great sport I love the excitement and the rush that you get from an animal. I am always looking to improve on techniques for being quiet when the deer are approaching my stand I like to stand when a deer is coming than sitting down because it gives me more room and I can pull my bow a lot easier than sitting down. But some hunters like to sit down so they don’t scare the deer away, but I think it’s more of a challenge to do. As a deer hunter there is a right time and a wrong…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Third Driver Test

    Yufeng Wu, HUMI 1 (9:30 am) Personal Experiment Don’t believe everything you see and think. It’s really interesting that our brain may show something wrong to us, but we believe that what we see is correct. There are two things I did during last two weeks. I went to the DMV(department of motor vehicles) to take my third driver test. After thirty minutes, it was my turn to take the test. Suddenly, I felt nervous and my hand were sweaty because it is my third and last chance. Besides, I started…

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  • Distracted Teen Driving

    Today I learned many new facts and statistics that I never knew before. The overwhelming amount of fatalities and injuries that are the result of distracted teen driving make me realize how important it is for myself and others to learn and understand how dangerous the world we are going to be driving in really is. I never realized how many lives are ended because of someone speeding on Utah highways. It is a terrible truth that 40% of all Utah highway deaths are a result of drivers speeding. I…

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  • Negative Effects Of Bad Drivers Essay

    Does hitting 16 make you a great driver? Well I'm saying that if you more experienced than you will be a better driver than a 18 year old who had just got their licence. “Turning 16 does not instantly make someone a safer driver,” says Peter Kissinger they talk about experience being the main key of being a better driver, if they were to start learning how to drive at 14 and were on the roads by 16 they would be better than a 16 year old who just got their licence because they turn 16. ¨The…

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  • New Drivers

    Young adults and new drivers should be required to undergo lessons and information sessions prior to driving on the roads. Drivers between the ages of 15 to 34 represent close to 30% of the driving population; however, they have accounted for 40% of the fatalities and 45% of the serious injuries, demonstrating that younger drivers are a great risk to everyone when driving. Before allowing young and inexperienced drivers to enter the world of driving, there should be many new/ and modified…

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  • Personal Narrative: How My Four Wheel Changed My Life

    The First time wheeling on my four-wheel changed my life because I can now ride a wheelie pretty far down the road. One day I got on my four-wheeler, I told myself that I am going to teach myself how to wheelie. I got on my four-wheeler, started it and let it warm up. Then I put in first gear, then I popped the clutch and the front wheels came off the ground. I had the four-wheeler straight up and down then the front wheels slammed down on the ground. After the wheels hit the ground I put it…

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  • The Gremlin: A Short Story

    “Leave me alone!” Randall Hawk screamed as was crying on his bed screaming to the Gremlin on his dresser across the room. The little Mischievous beast just caused Randall’s Job to be lost due to a failed stock exchange that cost the company millions. It was only Randall and the Gremlin in the dark room only lighted up by the street lights below. “You caused all of my losses and the deaths of innocents!” The Gremlin only laughed in a way a clown would. How had Randall got here? Well…

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  • Analysis Of Car Accidents In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    On the road, you can will see many drivers going beyond the speed limit, these drivers are risking danger to themself and other people on the road. Yet most of them do it anyway, they like how the thrill of the speed makes them feel, making them want to have more power and to excel in speed. This is how some of the many car accidents are created, there are people who are innocent and others who are of fault for the accident. In the book Of Mice And Men, the author Steinbeck uses Curley and…

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