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  • The Importance Of LAND Studio To Urban Development

    The organization’s new name embodies the general mission it works to accomplish. LAND is an acronym that stands for landscape, art, and neighborhood development (LAND, n.d.b). Today LAND studio is an urban development oriented nonprofit organization located in one of Cleveland’s historic neighborhoods, Ohio City. Here is where twenty talented staff members contribute daily to improving Cleveland’s public spaces in hopes of helping people connect with one another and boosting the city’s economy.…

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  • Essay On Secondhand Smoking Should Be Banned

    From 1964 to the current day, approximately 2.5 million people in the United States have died due to health problems caused by secondhand smoke, and millions more have had their lives hindered by it. While exposure to secondhand smoke has decreased each year, this rate is too slow to prevent thousands of more deaths from being added to this number, or to keep thousands of more people from suffering due to it. The suffering doesn’t end with humans; animals are being harmed from cigarettes in…

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  • My Reading Experience

    Reading is our greatest Teacher Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you 'll go.” In my life reading has allowed me to escape the world around me and learn and understand not only myself but also the world and the purpose of life as a whole. By the time I was in 6th grade I had many books, but I also wanted to fit in. One day I thought it would be a good idea to sell all my books so I could go shopping for new…

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  • Cyber-Safety Regarding Identity Theft

    Cyber-Safety Regarding Identity Theft What is Identity Theft? • Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal information, such as Social Security or driver 's license numbers without that person’s knowledge or permission, to get a benefit or to cause harm. • An identity thief takes on another person’s identity by using their personal information, which includes the person’s name, address, date of birth and email and social media log-in details. It is illegal…

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  • Victorian Library Virginia Woolf Analysis

    Money seems to be an important basic aspect of this world, a fact that no one likes to accept but is willing to admit. Virginia Woolf depicts the injustices that are present in the Victorian Era between men and women that result from different economic statuses. The patriarchal society that was present in the past has contributed to how women had inferior education systems than the men simply because of their gender. In the modern world, the issue of unfair education still exists because it is…

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  • What Is Jen's Relationship In The Library Of Babel

    In The Library of Babel by Jorge Borges as well as S. by Doug Dorst, people and books are weaved together in inseparable ways. While The Library of Babel deals with more of a big picture version of people’s relationships with books and each other, S. provides in-depth characterizations as well as powerful relationships. Despite a major difference in how characters interact with each other and the rest of the world in these two texts, each story focuses on how people are deeply affected by books…

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  • Summary Of The Library Card By Jerry Spinelli

    The book I read was called “The Library Card” written by Jerry Spinelli. The setting of the story was a cold November. There are four main characters in each four sections. The first section’s main character is Mongoose, (Jamie Hill) who is a 12 year old boy with a friend named Weasel, (Bobby Morgan). It takes place in a rural area. They are the first to find the library card. Brenda is the second section’s main character, who is addicted to television. This takes place in her house.…

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  • J. Muunted Atkins Library: An Analysis

    In E.B. White’s correspondence to the Children of Troy, he states the following: “A library is many things. It 's a place to go, to get in out of the rain. It 's a place to go if you want to sit and think. But particularly it is a place where books live, and where you can get in touch with other people, and other thoughts, through books” (“Letters to the Children of Troy”). Libraries customarily serve as providers of vast arrays of knowledge, provoking introspection and musing enabling the…

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  • Spotify: An Analysis Of The Spark Music Library

    Whether it’s about exploring and defining our sense of identity, as a potent trigger for retrieving memories, or a way to shift the mood in a room in a matter of seconds. We coupled that insight with the benefits of Spotify: the music library is deep and broad, and the features of Spotify Premium (like being ad-free, and able to sync and download across all of your devices with no effort) make it better than any other way to listen to that music. So music is powerful, and Spotify is…

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  • Nathhalie Wolfe Science Library Case Study

    The Nathalie Wolfe Pediatric Sciences Library In 1949, a group of women realized there was a great need for a ‘hospital for children only’ (Valley Children Hospital, n.d). By 1952, the hospital opened and served its first patient. With the success of the hospital, a larger facility was necessary. After a decade of planning and building, the hospital finally moved to its new facility in Madera County. One minute after midnight on August 31, 1998, the move to the new facility began and the…

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