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  • Advantages Of The 14th Amendment

    1) The best metaphor for a corporation is an “apple within a barrel where most apples are good and just a few bad”. It takes one apple to ruin it for the rest or spoil its companion. Corporations can often be seen as “bad apple's” bent on taking control of public power and only focused on making money, regardless of the consequences. Corporations are trying to engage themselves in as much profit as possible at anyone’s expense without realizing how unsustainable they are being towards the…

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  • Apple Inc.: Reducing Tax Liability

    The use of tax havens as a business motive to reduce tax liability has long been a tradition for many MNCs (Fisher 2014, p338). Recently, Apple Inc. has received worldwide attention for its tax avoidance behaviour. For instance, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has made an inquiry regarding Apple’s 85 million dollars income tax payment in 2015, even though the company made nearly 8 billion dollars in local revenue (Khadem 2016a). This implies that the company had avoided paying its fair…

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  • Negligence Premise Liability Vs. Homeowners

    Claim #1 Negligence: Premises liability vs. Homeowner Injury: Vicky received multiple hornet stings, providing an allergic reaction, which is a physical injury sufficient for a negligence claim. Duty: Vicky is considered to be an unknown trespasser. That means that she is not only trespassing, but the landowners are unaware of her presence. Vicky was given no permission expressed or implied to be on the property. In this case the homeowners were not home, when the incident causing injury…

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  • Hope School Liability Case Study

    At this stage of the litigation, we have not yet retained a liability expert. However, we anticipate that we will require the retention of an expert on the operation of a similar group home and the training and supervision of its staff. Such testimony is necessary to address the standard of care and hopefully support that The Hope School met that standard of care. 3. Critical Damages Issues The critical damage issue is the nature and extent of the damages allegedly suffered by Allison and…

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  • Shadow Director Case Study

    company is recognised as a legal person with its own rights and obligations. Although, being a legal entity, it cannot operate without its organ namely, the Board of directors. The principle of limited liability flows from the concept of separate legal personality in that the assets and liabilities of the company belong to the company and not to its shareholders and directors . 1.2 Directors owe fiduciary duties to the company and are empowered to manage the company in good faith. Whilst de…

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  • Tort: The Three Pillars Of Tort Liability

    Tort There are three pillars of tort liability, namely: 1. wrong (tort) 2. Damage 3.alaqh causality between fault and damage. First: the wrong (tort) Is a breach of an obligation, and consists Altgosaira error of two elements: Second, damage It is harm to the person aggrieved than necessary financially compensated or morally because it touches such a right or legitimate for other interest, whether right or interest to life or the right to safety somatic, or not to touch the emotions,…

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  • AG Securities V Vaughan Case Study

    Discuss the significance of the case AG Seurities v Vaughan. In the two cases tried together, the House of Lords reasoned that having exclusive possession of a bedroom is not enough to form a tenancy and in addition a tenancy cannot be treated as a license in relation to a section which disputes the nature of the agreement. In AG Securities v Vaughan four people were to share a flat with three other people in favour of the landlord after they had signed the lease. The lease agreement was…

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  • Arcadia Sports Case Study

    Case Study Three: Arcadia Sports In the case of Jeb and Josh in the formation of Arcadia Sports, there are issues concerning the business entity and liability to Jane, who suffered an accident during an excursion with Arcadia Sports. It is unclear what type of business has been formed between Jeb and Josh and what liability each may have for the accident and what personal assets would be involved considering Jeb’s bankruptcy. Therefore, the main types of business entities, including advantages…

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  • People Vs Richard Ramirez Case Study

    PEOPLE v. RICHARD RAMERIZ (1990): No. S012944. (Superior Court of Orange County, No. C-53262, Donald A. McCartin, Judge.) (Opinion by Broussard, J., with Lucas, C. J., Panelli, Eagleson, Kennard and Arabian, JJ., concurring. Separate concurring and dissenting opinion by Mosk, J.) INTRODUCTION: Richard Ramirez was an American serial killer, rapist, and burglar dubbed as the “Night Stalker” before his identity was exposed. He was an nocturnal and aggressive criminal who was very brutal, broke…

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  • Tort Liability Case Study: Defects LLC

    limited liability company 's legal system, to the detriment of the interests of creditors of the company and social welfare. The risk of abuse of limited liability that may occur at any time, in particular: Firstly, limited liability company has the potential to abuse the personality, in violation of the principle of separation of ownership and management rights dimension level, illegal manipulation of the minority shareholders in its individual…

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