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  • Interpersonal Relations In Starbucks

    Starbucks does not have employees or associates, they have partners. That is the term of endearment used when discussing the individuals who work in their stores around the world. And the philosophy behind the moniker is that each partner contributes to the success of the company. Newly accepted partners complete 24 hours of indoctrination within the first two week of partnership. Areas covered during training sessions include covering the history of coffee history, drink preparation,…

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  • Domestic Animals: Strict Liability In The United States

    People who own pets, whether they are domestic or wild animals, can be held to a strict liability standard in most states when it comes to the injury of another by their pet, whether it is harm done to another person or to another animal. Strict liability is "applicable even when a defendant is neither negligent nor has any intent of wrongdoing." It is therefore not necessary to prove that the owner had knowledge of an animal's ability to be vicious or that the owner did not take the…

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  • Sole Proprietorship Case Study

    proprietorship: Mini markets, restaurants, convenient stores, burger kiosks, etc. Advantages Disadvantages Easiest to exist and start. Unlimited personal liability. Complete control. Difficult to raise the money. Single owner saves all the profits.…

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  • Blackstone Case Study

    to adopt a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). Fortress Investment Group, that went public during 2006, has used this structure and considering the share price of that firm, it seemed like the investors appreciated the structure. MLP is a limited liability company with units of the firm that can be traded on the stock market. The structure allows the firm to retain the limited partnership form of governance and hence, allow the management team to continue manage the firm. The unit holders (share…

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  • Business Law: Malpractice Firm Case

    1) Collect all Crosby cases in which a plaintiff alleges malpractice against a lawyer for failure to draft a shareholder or CCA that protects minority shareholders. As a threshold matter, the statute of limitations for legal malpractice actions is one year. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2305.11(A). Generally, an individual shareholder may not bring a legal malpractice action against an attorney that is employed by the corporation itself. See e.g. LeRoy v. Allen, Yurasek & Merklin, 114 Ohio St. 3d 323.…

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  • Strict Liability In Criminal Law Essay

    In terms of imposing liability in criminal law it is essential to prove that the defendant has committed a guilty act whilst having a guilty state of mind. A person can’t commit a crime with only an evil thought, the same as he can’t commit a crime without doing an act. The physical element of a crime is called actus reus whereas the mental element of a crime is called mens rea. These two are vital elements in proving an offence. Without the presence of one, the prosecution can’t prove the…

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  • Serving Alcohol Liability Case Study

    Chapter #12 Serving Alcohol Liability Scenario #1: Suzie, the Badlands Bar, and John Sulliovan While most of the states enforce injured people; who were injured by an intoxicated individual, to file against the commercial bar or restaurant who sold the alcohol, the circumstances point that the bar exercised reasonable care. As a consequence, John Sullivan has no case against the Badlands Bar, considering that the bartender requested her identification, which indicates that she was…

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  • Moop Water Liability Case Study

    The court will most likely find that Davila Grocery Store had actual constructive knowledge of the mop water and therefore liable for premises liability. In order to establish constructive knowledge, the object that may pose harm must be there for an extended period of time. The extended period of time must be reasonable in that there was sufficient time for the risk of harm to be removed. The court will rule in favor of Ms. Pedroza due to the substantial length of time that the mop water was…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Dog Grooming

    Pros. • You don’t have any worry about having to pay the business overheads like rent, taxes, or utility bills. You don’t have ultimate responsibility for the business, and that can be liberating • You gain incredible experience. You learn from your mistakes • You are immersed in an established business. You will get to see first-hand how that business runs - whether you work in a salon or as a mobile groomer for somebody else • You will meet lots of dogs. You will develop your dog handling…

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  • Advantages Of The 14th Amendment

    1) The best metaphor for a corporation is an “apple within a barrel where most apples are good and just a few bad”. It takes one apple to ruin it for the rest or spoil its companion. Corporations can often be seen as “bad apple's” bent on taking control of public power and only focused on making money, regardless of the consequences. Corporations are trying to engage themselves in as much profit as possible at anyone’s expense without realizing how unsustainable they are being towards the…

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