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  • Hilary Putnam's Argument On Three Different Versions Of Natural Kinds

    If you look a word up online there is a possibility that you could wind up finding about three different versions of the word, and that doesn’t even include the slang versions of a word. Imagine we found another world with similar substances as there are on Earth, but they all had different names. This could potentially create a barrier in communication. Hilary Putnam thought he could solve an issue like this by creating what he called natural kind terms. Even if you can buy into Putnam’s theory…

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  • Family And The Strategies Of Forbidden Love

    Inclusive Definition of Family by Brian Powell, Catherine Bolzendahl, Claudia Geist, and Lala Carr Steelman and The Strategies of Forbidden Love: Family across Racial Boundaries in Nineteenth - Century North Carolina by Warren E. Milteer Jr, both discuss the definitions of family and who constitutes as family. Both works take a different approach at defining love, however their overall definitions of family are very similar. Changing Counts, Counting Change: Toward a More Inclusive Definition…

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  • Definition Of Wilderness

    Wilderness has many definitions, and they tend to change through time. Back when we were still exploring this country, it was seen as an evil place where it is hard to survive. This was until later on when we realized the potential abundance of resources that wilderness has to offer us. Once we started using and abusing the wilderness and its resources, there was a shift in definition from a place of resources to a place of beauty and rarity. Today, wilderness is defined as an area of land 5,000…

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  • Quality And Quality Of Quality

    The definition of quality. I would define quality as a dependable product or service that meets or exceeds ones expectations and standards. In regards to a product, one would expect that a quality product would be build with the best materials, the best design, and the greatest attention to details. One would also expect that a quality product would last. Similarly, one would expect that quality service would provide the best materials, and would pay the closest attention to the detail of…

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  • Immanence And Diaspora Analysis

    In this analysis, we will be looking at two main words, immanence and diaspora. Both words, which comes from Barber’s book refer to more than just its flat definition we often find in dictionaries, which is why we will be looking more into the theological and philosophical meaning behind them. Here we will be relating both the word to namelessness and signification, followed by connecting each of the words to the theological discourses that were described in barber’s book, which come from other…

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  • Definition Essay On True Beauty

    has an amount of what our culture defines of beautiful can be ugly, and an individual that does not fit the box of outward beauty is actually beautiful. It is obvious then that true beauty is defined by the heart. As a society we need to drop the definition of fake beauty, and embrace this true meaning. Perhaps then we would spend more time on our heart, then our…

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  • Fatherless Research Paper

    Sometimes, the internet can not truly show the feelings behind certain words. You see, many people in this era depends on the internet to define difficult words such as obnoxious, vex, zephyr, exasperate. But sometimes, people looks up for the definition of simple words on the internet, such as love, joy, happiness… father. Why do people look up such words on the internet? Is it because we do not know what they mean? No! Of course not. It is because we yearn to know how other people defines…

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  • Definition Of Limitation In Literature

    root word its meant to bind, and its definitions accentuate this fact. Limitation is a vestal word that can be used to describe many different situations. The detonated definition of limitation is “the act of controlling the size or content of something” (Merriam-webster.com). Even at its basic definition limitation explores the different ways it can be used The definitions of limitation vary from physical, mental, social, and political. One of the definitions from Dictionary.com identifies it…

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  • Piety And Impiety In Euthyphro

    In my discussion of the Euthyphro I will be focused on a particular passage spoken by Socrates which was his main argument against one of Euthyphro’s proposed definitions of impiety. In doing this, I will briefly explain the various definitions of piety and impiety that Euthyphro suggests and Socrates subsequent arguments against each in order to accurately discuss and assess the implications of Socrates argument in passage 10e-11a. The first explanation…

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  • Clive Turner Analysis

    service offence in s 474.17 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code” which appears in the Criminal Law Journal, Clive Turner brings to light the lack of legislative definitions applicable to s 474.17 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act (CCCA). Turner dissects the structure of s 474.17 of the CCCA and then delves into addressing the definitions of the words “menacing, harassing and offensive”, with reference to previous judgements and cases. This paper will analyse some of Turner’s main viewpoints:…

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