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  • Formative And Summative Assessment

    Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning. Assessment informs me how I teach, and how I should design or change the curriculum to meet with the students’ needs to support their learning. Assessment is also useful for me to provide the students meaningful feedbacks on their learning progress so that they know where they are and what they should do to develop their learning. Assessment can be formative and summative (Griffin, 2014). In my previous placement, I had the opportunities…

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  • Compare And Contrast Piaget Vs Vygotsky

    how to apply certain material that best suits the development of students. Such suggestions may come from the theories of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Despite their differing views in cognitive development, both have contributed to the improvement of teaching methods and as a future educator, I plan to use both elements as resources to my teaching methods. Lev Vygotsky introduced what is known as Social Development Theory. Vygotsky differs from theorists such as Jean Piaget, in that his…

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  • Bronfenbrenner's Learning Theory

    Why do we learn theories? Theories help us to understand how children learn. • When we understand children’s development and how they learn we can then choose appropriate teaching techniques to facilitate their learning. • Therefore, three influential theories are selected to help you to become more effective as parents and create optimal learning environments for your children. Jean Piaget (1896-1980), a prominent Swiss philosopher and psychologist…

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  • Boy-Based Commercial Analysis

    Boy Based Commercials Rather than domesticity, commercials that feature boys contain violent images. For example, in the commercial for “Power Rangers Super Megaforce Double Battle Figures” there are images of ‘blasters’ and ‘swords’, with the Power Rangers fighting ‘evil’ (Bandai 2014). The voice in the commercial is male, and the intended audience for Power Ranger is clearly young boys. The voice says things like “fire your blaster and swing your sword,” as well as “you’re armed and ready!”…

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  • Acting Shakespeare Character Analysis

    The act of growing up is something we all experience. Being naive and innocent characterize the time and state of mind before this act. Our view of the world are one of the things that is affected by this naive nature. Preteens often picture an adult life and world as something magical, almost fictional and have high hopes for this adult future. Growing up and growing out of this naive worldview is exactly what the main character experiences in the short story Acting Shakespeare. Through this…

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  • Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory Of Learning

    The form in which children learn has often made psychologists and even educators to ponder more. There have been several theories that have come up from several theorists in important fields. One kind of this theories is the Lev Vygotsky's Sociocultural Theory of learning. According to Vygotsky's theory, the mental development of language thought, and the reasoning process gets developed through interactions and social relationships. This, therefore, means that the development of an individual…

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  • Denver Children's Museum Analysis

    Define Topic In Denver, one of the most popular places for families with young children or early childhood centers is the Denver Children’s Museum. The Denver Children’s Museum (at Marsico) houses over 20 hands-on exhibits for children and their families to engage in. The museum’s philosophy encompasses the importance of creating an environment where both children and [their] adults learn through the use of play (Brenkert, 2012). Some exhibits include, but are not limited to: Art Studio…

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  • Culture Influence On Children's Play

    In 1950, classic play theorist Johan Huzinga expressed the position of play as a cultural phenomenon. Children’s play varies from culture to culture and is one of the major factors that influence young children’s development and learning. Children learn and incorporate social norms, values and roles through play. It is essential to understand the dynamics of culture and its influence on child development especially in the contexts of family ethnic culture. Through play, children reflect and…

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  • Sergei Modern Times And Metropolis Comparison

    German Expressionism was well known to be bold, dark, distorted and spooky. It was emerged in Germany before World War I but, it tremendously influenced music, theater, painting, sculpture and architecture. These German Expressionism films at first were non-realistic, geometrically absurd angles, as well as designs painted on walls and floors represent light, shadows and objects. Meanwhile, many of these films plots dealt with madness, insanity, betrayal and other intellectual topics were…

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