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  • Heartless Poem Analysis

    In the song “Heartless”, Kanye uses a slow, sentimental beat while carrying on an auto tune sound that would be very uplifting. A slow heartbeat-like beat in the background, after the first few seconds a fast paced piano comes in. The rapping starts to pick up its pace and the lyrics get sadder. Kanye Wests Heartless has been considered a masterpiece, and in my opinion it has been. Various artists had rarely used the auto-tuned sound, and Kanye brings it back with recent album “The College…

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  • Final Art Questions: The Starry Night And The Starrry Night

    blended? Are there symbolic meanings behind the color choices? Van Gogh uses color first by coloring the whole picture almost dark which a lot of art critics think is a reflection about his mental illness and how he tries to…

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  • Do National Parties Maintain National Unity?

    What did national parties often do to maintain national unity in regards to the slavery issue? Generally-speaking, the national parties essentially turned a blind eye towards the slavery issue, in order to bar further tensions from erupting. Portrayed in yet another manner, such parties, whether it be the Whigs or Democrats alike, failed to explicitly embrace the issue by adopting a particular standpoint. Evidence from the text that further bolsters this claim is shown when the authors state,…

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  • Classical Music: The Classical Period

    The classical era was 1750-1820. It was a time period that was plagued by war and violence. The wars consisted of the Seven Years War, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic Wars. Also during the classical period the power shifted from the nobility and the church to the middle class. The classical music period contained contrasting moods with rhythmic variety. The classical period was homophonic in texture. The three main forms in the classical period are sonata form,…

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  • Bach's Prelude And Fugue Analysis

    A Comparison and Contrast of Bach’s Fingering System and Modern Fingering System Comparing the work of J.S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue During the 20th centuries, modern piano has developed and request pianists have to do changes for playing techniques to pursuit the great articulation of the piano playing. It affects all aspects of performance, in order to produce the perfect color of the tone, good memorization, excellent technique skills, and also the pianist could get more security for the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Movie 'Copying Beethoven'

    Movie Evaluative Essay Copying Beethoven is a movie, which takes place in 1824. It is a romantic period drama. Beethoven is a legendary musician, and he is stone deaf. In last days of his life, he gets busy in preparing for his latest symphony. Beethoven is desperate to publish his “Ninth Symphony”. Beethoven’s publisher is Schlemmer, who is dying of cancer. Beethoven is in need to complete his symphony. So, Schlemmer sends the student Anna Holtz as copyist to complete Beethoven’s score. Anna…

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  • Essay On Instrumental Concerto

    Both sonata and vocal forms influenced the development of concerto form as instrumental music practices and writing evolved from the middle to late Baroque (ca. 1680– 1730). This paper will examine the development of the instrumental concerto during the Baroque, focusing on analysis of the works and contributions to the form by Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713) and Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741). Representing a span of one generation in time, and working in different musical centers within Italy,…

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  • West Side Story Musical Analysis

    Jerome Robbins' suggested the idea of developing a musical based off of the story of Romeo and Juliet to Leonard Bernstein in January of 1949 (originally proposed title: East Side Story, set in the less privileged areas of New York at the concurrence of Easter-Passover celebrations). In August of 1955, a gathering with Arthur Laurents took place where another idea emerged -- two teen-age mobs as the conflicting groups, one of them newly-arrived Puerto Ricans, the other self-styled…

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  • Beethoven Influence

    However, Beethoven’s pursuit of receiving Mozart’s instruction did not stop there. Since Mozart died before he could teach Beethoven, Beethoven returned to Vienna once again to seek a new teacher, Joseph Haydn, who was another brilliant Classical composer. Beethoven hoped he could “receive Mozart’s spirit from Haydn’s hands”, but sadly, Haydn wasn’t such a great teacher. According to Beachy, a previous composition major at West Virginia University who studied Beethoven’s influences from a…

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  • Swift's Argumentative Essay: Should Music Be Free?

    The beginnings of music technology and consumption originated in the late 1800s with Thomas Edison’s ingenious phonograph. Over a course of seventy-five years, the phonograph has received many upgrades and has even become a basis for the recent music technology today (Price and Albright para. 5). Some of the newer music technological advances include vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, portable MP3 players, and streaming services, which have all revolutionized music consumption because they have…

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