Leslie Marmon Silko

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  • White Oppression In Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

    under the dominant Western society in the United States is a common undercurrent of American history. White oppression causes various reactions within the Native American community, ranging from acceptance of assimilation to violent resistance. In Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony, Emo, the direct antagonist to Tayo, represents the idea of adopting the morally controversial ideas of white culture, and his actions are the product of the Western civilization’s belittlement of Native American beliefs.…

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  • Coyote And Buffalo, Retold By Mourning Dove

    Some people may envision a child being told a story before bed when they hear the term storytelling, but in Native American culture it means so much more. Their stories come in many forms, from complete nonfiction to stories about others in the community to more abstract poems. The stories also almost always have some purpose, whether it be to help a fellow person in grief or entertain an audience. For Native Americans storytelling is incorporated into everyday life, and integrates learning…

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  • Death In Literature

    Whether we declare it or not, all of us panic because of death. Death remains a huge dilemma, one of the major subjects with which religion and culture and knowledge have struggled since the beginning of the time. Despite the fact that death is a natural consequence of existence, our culture is matchless in the extent to which death is considered a taboo subject. We don’t prefer to have open discussions. We choose to consider death as a dangerous enemy that can and should be defeated by modern…

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  • Creative Writing: The Big Cottonwood Tree

    In the stories Old Man of the Temple by R.K. Narayan and The Man to Send Rain Clouds by Leslie Marmon Silko are two short stories that use culture and religion to develop the plot. The Old Man of the Temple is set in India where their culture has many connections to Hinduism. The Hindu religion believes in reincarnation and many gods. In this short…

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  • American Romanticism And Transcendentalism

    (1986)获全国图书批评界奖 Sabbath’s Theater (1995)获全国图书奖 American Pastoral (1997) 获普利策奖 J.D. Salinger (1919-2010) The Catcher in the Rye (1951) 《麦田里的守望者》 Native American Writers N. Scott Momady (1934- ), The House Made of Dawn《晨曦之屋》 (1968)获普利策奖 Leslie Marmon Silko (1948- ), Ceremony《仪式》 (1977) Louise Erdrich (1954- ), Love Medicine (1984)《爱药》先后获得包括全国图书评论界奖在内的5项小说奖 Chinese American Writers Maxine Hong Kingston 汤亭亭(1940- ), Woman Warrior (1976)《女勇士》获非小说类全国图书评论奖, China Man (1980)全国图书奖 Amy…

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