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  • Gender Stereotypes In Children

    The books that children read growing up can have a strong impact on their attitudes towards certain topics later on in life, whether they be positive or negative. Many people think that children’s literature does not have to be monitored closely for stereotypes, however this is not the case because even very young children are able to pick up on and understand the stereotypes that are taking place in their favorite bedtime stories. It was found that “when children are read stories that portray…

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  • Bullying In The LGBT Community

    Matthew Shepard. In her book, October Mourning, Leslea Newman writes from the point of view of Matthew Shepard’s killers, family members, and the inanimate objects that served as witness to this despicable homophobic crime. One poem that effectively captures the fear of the LGBTQ+ community is written from the perspective of a drag queen. “The minute it happened I dragged my sorry ass back into the closet slapped the door shut and swallowed the key.” (Newman 54). Fortunately over time, people…

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  • Obligating Shell By Patricia Mrtiams Analysis

    Mary Ellen Turpel provides her perspective on how the rule of law is very problematic. Her critique is based on the notion that the concept of the rule of law – that everyone is equal -has been developed and adapted by Western states as a method to restrain the government. Turpel argument is not about the debate of individual and collative right, rather it is about rethinking how we think and fundamentally how we perceive our rights. It is important that Ontario Human Rights Code does not…

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