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  • Arthurian Legends: Analyzing Morgan Le Fay's Story

    what legend one is studying, the story is bound to change over time. When studying the various tellings of Morgan Le Fay, this proved to be true. Reading multiple stories of the character revealed many differing aspects to each tale. Specifically talking about her stories, the way they change is parallel to how the view of women has changed overtime. In works before 1900, Morgan Le Fay is portrayed as a simple being. Though she has some extraordinary aspects to her persona, the first thing…

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  • Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Agreements Analysis

    Agreements between two people are made every day with fickle promises that are broken within a moment’s notice, however, when one speaks about agreements made in texts, it seems as if those agreements hold the power to alter the course of an entire story or universe and hold deep consequences if broken. Within medieval texts, these agreements are the basis of many great adventures and quests made by heroes of the brave and bold in order to establish a theme of heroism and justice. In “The Wife…

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  • Medieval Knight Etiquette

    A Knights role in 14th century England centrally focused on strengthening their knightly skills in the use of horsemanship, weapons and medieval combat. There were strict codes of conduct, which dictated the life of a Knight during the middle Ages. The etiquette of a Knight’s behavior in battle and everyday life revolved around courtly manners, the code of chivalry, and courtly love. A Knight was obligated to pursue and uphold the beliefs of his religion, even above himself or his king. It would…

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  • King Arthur's Heroic Hero

    I think Arthur is heroic not only because he is brave and courageous but also because he strives to live up to the code of honor he sets for his knights. He really tries to follow his code even when it is not of benefit to him. For example, he give Mordred a place at court because his code of honor requires him to do so even when he know that Mordred is dangerous. He does not want to acknowledge Launcelot and Guenever because it would break the code by bringing a lady to dishonor and would…

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  • Sir Launcelot Character Analysis

    Every knight that belonged to the Round Table had to make an oath that embodied the code of chivalry. A good knight is one who has qualities such as courage, honesty, courtesy, and loyalty. Also, a good knight must be able to prove himself by going on adventures, quests, tournaments and battles. One of the most important trait of a knight is that he must be loyal to women (damsels). A knight must prove his strength for the woman of his desires. He is obligated to kill all bad knights and destroy…

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  • The Role Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain The Green Knight

    Making of a Knight Middle English texts such as Sir Gawain the Green Knight and Canterbury Tales: Knights Tale and Wife of Bath contain main characters upholding the position of medieval knights. These knights garner the chivalric ideals of a knight that adhere to a particular code. Using this code of conduct followed by chivalry, I will explain throughout this paper how and why the main characters of these texts follow these chivalric traits in the characters which encompass the traits that…

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  • Darkness In Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla

    Darkness the Vampire’s Double: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla Darkness in Le Fanu's Carmilla serves as its own monster since it is a representation of negativity, mystery, and fear. Darkness like the vampire creates an unsettling sensation for the narrative because it allows the uncanny to manifest and generate feelings of uncertainty and terror. For the main protagonist Laura, the overwhelming experience of darkness places the character in a state of distress which creates problems for…

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  • Medieval Romanticism In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    We would further understand the concept of ‘Medieval Romanticism’ by studying the text Sir Gawain and The Green Knight written by an anonymous author generally called The Pearl Poet or The Gawain Poet. The poem talks about the adventures of Sir Gawain, a trusted high-ranking noble of King Arthur, who is challenged to fight by a powerful combatant known as the Green Knight. These compositions are both doctrinal and episodic in nature and as mentioned earlier are written as powerful third person…

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  • Tennyson's Treatment Of Women In Arthurian Literature

    Tennyson and Women It is proven in psychology that people have the ability to affect your mood and/or way of thinking. Queen Guinevere and other women in Arthurian literature have shown how their moods affect or don’t affect other characters. Specifically, it is the men that are affected the most. Guinevere’s characterization throughout Arthurian literature has been a negative one, but we have not fully looked through the scope of her own eyes. It is deemed that Guinevere was the cause of the…

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  • My Guitar Experience

    “Thank you”. She replied “Well let me show you something”. She came back from her bedroom with a worn guitar case, she popped open the brass latches and opened it. My heart melted as soon as I saw what was inside. It was my grandfather’s old 1974 Gibson Les Paul. I immediately said “I can’t take that”. She replied “No take it, I promised your dad once you were good enough you could have it”. This was probably one of the best days of my life. Not because I had gotten a really nice guitar, but the…

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