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  • Jonathan Wick Dictator

    So, put off were the colonists when a certain letter, whose author remained anonymous, arrived at each of their respective colonies. The letter, entitled, “The Imminent Demise of Our Unruly Dictator”, spoke of what the colonists would praise as a utopian society, free from the command of “our unruly dictator”. The author took the liberty of explaining an intricate plan, which…

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  • The Monarchy In The Colonies

    year was 2020, but colony C was told that it was 1864 by the mysterious eight people who made up the monarchy. They were a family but no one knew that, no one even saw them besides me. The colonists only saw the huge castle that they lived in among the mountains. Some of the colonists worked with the monarchy, the were in on it, they knew what the king and queen have been doing all this time, infact they were the people who built the four colonies A, B, C, and D. The colonies were four…

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  • Colonialism Wolfgang Reinhard Summary

    Reinhard states “it was against this backdrop that the eastern Mediterranean region saw the emergence of what must be described not as mere trading posts but as colonies” (Reinhard, 8, 2011). More specifically when the Spanish crown allowed other groups besides Mariners and merchants to include “Battle-hardened members” (Reinhard, 17, 2011) conquest starts to crystalize. The perfect example of this would be the…

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  • Reasons For The Boston Massacre

    brutal and indiscriminate slaughter of unimpeachable people therefore the use of the word massacre for this event is ambiguous, in truth, the Boston massacre should have been classified as a little dispute, brawl, or riot between mother country and colonies owing to the facts that; all the propaganda that was printed emphasized and exaggerated the actual actions taken by both the colonists and the British, the colonists made the first move, and the British only used what is known as self defense…

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  • Seven Years War Effects

    drastically affected the world. In this paper, it will analyze the ways in which the Seven Years War has greatly shifted the balance of power between nations and how the result of this conflict had greatly influenced the British to regain control of the colonies in hopes of growing a strong empire. While the Seven Years War had disrupted the economic power both across the region and worldwide, it had also caused the British to enforce unreasonable rulings during the Seven Years War, and further…

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  • Acadia 4: A Short Story

    The Infiltrator As the transport entered Acadia 4’s atmosphere, the friction of the descent unleashed an aura of dense orange flames. Eric Nels watched out the Portside windows as the blaze extended across his view of sight. Expanding, it appeared to ignite the rockish landscape below. As the craft escaped the boundaries of the atmosphere, the flames quickly subsided, revealing an unobstructed view of the surface below. Although, the rocky terrain of Acadia 4’s surface was easily apparent from…

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  • Fifteen Person Colony Case Study

    There are a few main factors in a fifteen person colony to really consider when planning their future. These include: location, supplies, people, and tasks. All of them, coming together, are our best decisions that have been made to benefit the people. Addressing location, this was the core of some of the main decisions, since the landscape influenced the rest of the other categories the most. Selecting site three, we have open land for farming as well as hostile Native Americans that inhabit…

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  • Patrick Henry's Diary From The Colonists

    Patrick Henry our uncle,is going against the British. He has submitted a series of resolutions to the colony’s assembly,The House of Burgesses. His resolutions have denied Parliament’s right to tax the colonies and called on colonists to resist the Stamp Act. Newspapers have spread through the colonies with the resolutions. So far he has gained approval and support of the…

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  • History Of Slavery In Colonial America

    the colonies began because the people began to find that using them as labor workers were more economical. They were able to use them to their fullest potential for however long they wanted instead of having a time frame that’s listed on a contract. They would rather have a lifetime supply of plantation workers. 20. Slave culture continued to widely spread throughout all the American colonies and became more depended on. Enslaved Africans soon took over much of the population in the colonies and…

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  • Examples Of Colonialism In The Tempest

    Colonialism referred to a dominant country established its colonies in another nation. The dominant country had an absolute control over its colony countries. All the resources, the people or any other properties within the colony countries will also belong to the colonized nation. As a result, many colonies spoke their colonized country’s language and shared their culture. One example from the colonial period is Britain and its colonies such as India and part of Africa. This is somewhat related…

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