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  • Mount Tambora Volcano

    The northern coast of Sumbawa Indonesia that in April 1815 exploded in the largest eruption in recorded history. It is now 2,851meters (9,354 feet) high, having lost much of its top in the 1815 eruption. The volcano remains active; smaller eruptions took place in 1880 and 1967, and episodes of increased seismic activity occurred in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Tambora’s catastrophic eruption began on April 5, 1815,. A shattering blast blew the mountains apart on the evening of April 10. The blast…

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  • Santorini Myth

    The thought of standing directly above thousands of kilometers of rock and magma in motion is quite unsettling. But, the anxiety quickly fades because we realize there is nothing to fear in Iowa when it comes to volcanos. 1630 B.C. Santorini, Greece, however, is a completely different story. Not only was the Santorini eruption one of the biggest in Earth’s history, but it quite literally changed the face of the earth and created the infamous myth of Atlantis. Santorini is volcanic small island…

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  • How Volcanoes Affecting Earth's Surface

    Yearly, there are fifty to sixty volcanoes erupted. Within the year, two tsunamis devastate, and several million earthquakes befall upon the planet. These are geoprocesses, all of these affect Earth’s surface and the inhabitants thereof. Earth’s surface changes through geoprocesses including volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Firstly, volcanoes are one example of geoprocesses that affect earth’s surface. Volcanoes happen when tectonic plates sink down into the mantle, made up of molten rock,…

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  • Ring Of Fire Analysis

    shoe. Volcanoes can have different way of how the lava runs. Dr. shows comparing to honey and peanut butter with how the lava can run down the volcano. The lava builds us over the side of the mountain. The doctor also explains that the lava can be very thick that it hold pressure. The pressure being gas, it gets trap and eventually it just blows. The pressure is so much, it has to release. Being unpredictable, it is very dangerous. When the lava is released, it can flow up to 100 mph and…

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  • Stratovolcanoes In Dante's Peak

    “Dante’s Peak” demonstrates the volcano as its star, stealing the spotlight from the obstinate grannies, and the romantic relationship between the heroic volcanologist and the town mayor. The film starts by introducing the terror of how destructive, volcanoes can be. There are two main activities that are associated with this eruption, the bombs, and the ash fall. The introduction, transitions to Dante’s Peak, which is a Composite volcano (Stratovolcano). Dante’s Peak starts indicating signs…

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  • Big Island And Oahu Similarities

    Have you ever walked through a lava tube before? There is one on the Big Island and this tube is over 500 years old and once had actual lava flowing through it, creating this tube. As the lava flowed through and dried it created walls that made it hollow on the inside. Many tourist like the visit this attraction because it is the only island that had one. Therefore Big Island and Oahu have many similarities and differences. Oahu and Big Island are all apart of the fiftieth state, but they…

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  • How Yellowstone Volcanoes Are Formed

    It is concluded that Yellowstone will someday erupt again however, it might not be in the near future. With the myriad of tourists that visit the National Park every year, they had to be sure that it wouldn’t explode soon to ensure people’s safety. Geologists have found that the ground around where the volcano is, is now swelling. The swelling indicates that the underlying magma chamber is refilling once again. But people have other questions, how was this volcano formed? Usually volcanoes…

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  • What Is The History Of Atlantis

    People have travelled across the entire globe searching for the city of Atlantis. They have dived into the deepest depths of the sea, and have climbed mountain ranges all in the pursuit of discovery. At least half a dozen expeditions are launched each year, and some explorers would swear they were successful. Professionals claim that the most likely location of Atlantis is a small island called Santorini which is off the coast of Greece. It would seem as though Plato described this exact place…

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  • Mount St Helens Research Paper

    “Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!” Those were the last words anyone heard from David Johnson. He had been closely monitoring a steaming, trembling snow-capped mountain near Vancouver, Washington. Mount St. Helens had not erupted in over 100 years. But two months earlier, an earthquake had jolted it to life. Homes were evacuated and roads were closed as hundreds of explosive blasts of steam burst from the volcano and earthquakes shook the area. Scientists knew that pressure was building up…

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  • Mount St. Helens Case Study

    1 Introduction Since the eruption in 1980, the area around Mount St. Helens has rebounded in ways that were somewhat unexpected, with recovery coming not only from the surrounding area, but from within the barren expanse that remained after the eruption. While not the first eruption overall, this eruption was the first to occur on the U.S mainland in a time when modern scientific monitoring could track the events associated with it. Smaller earthquakes in March of 1980 eventually led to the…

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