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  • Jerusalem 1913 Book Review

    I. INTRODUCTION: (JERUSALEM 2004-2006 AND PART ONE: JERUSALEM 1898) Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, Amy Dockser Marcus, wrote the novel Jerusalem 1913: The origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the year 2007. Marcus was a journalist working for New York City’s The Wall Street Journal in 1991. She flew to Tel Aviv, Israel in September. The stories and facts she has about this topic are interesting because she has actual historical background and knowledge about it. She is able to…

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  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay

    The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dates back to the day the state of Israel declared independence, days ahead of the official end to the British Mandate in Palestine in 1948. While there were some minor conflicts and skirmishes between the Arabs and the Jews prior to 1948, those ongoing tensions erupted into a full civil war and countless bloody battles that have claimed the lives of many innocent people and have dominated the international political arena for over seven decades.…

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  • Jiri G. Ruzicka Analysis

    Jiri G. Ruzicka’s “American Superheroes and the Politics of Good and Evil,” poses the statement, “The United States of America is the promised land for comics” (Ruzicka 46). Comic books have been around for a very long time — almost dating back to the late 1800’s. Many see these books as merely a form of entertainment; however, they are more significant than that. Comics and graphic novels reflect the American societal values of the time through their main characters, the character’s struggles…

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  • Spiegelman's Use Of Deontology In Maus: A Survivors Tale

    Comic have been one of the newest forms of literature, with the first comic strips being introduced nearly 120 years ago. One cartoonist who has been instrumental to comics gaining notoriety in recent years is Art Spiegelman, who drew and wrote Maus: A Survivors Tale. This series of comics gives a detailed account of Art’s Father, Vladek Spiegelman and his survival of the Holocaust. While the world is no stranger to Holocaust literature, Maus brought the genre to comics in a manner which takes…

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  • Human Terrain System Summary

    towards the Gaza Strip. The steering committee of the ‘Ship to Gaza Greece’ initiative invited Kosmatopoulos to participate in the flotilla and conduct fieldwork during the journey. He mentions that he conducted semi-structured interviews with the members of the teams and attended open meetings of the coordinating committee. The author mentions that he saw the ship not only as his ‘field’ but also his ‘home’. His questions and notes revolved around three spaces; the ship, Gaza strip and Israeli…

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  • Calvin And Hobbes The Voice Of The Lonely Child Analysis

    Writing a persuasive essay can be done in various ways. In Libby Hill’s essay “Calvin and Hobbes: The Voice of the Lonely Child”, she uses methods such as emotional appeal and testimony to connect to her readers. In Melissa Rubin’s essay, “Advertisements R Us”, she uses a very different approach as to how she persuades her reader. Rubin concentrates on logical appeal and historical facts to prove her claims. Both of these essays present reasonable arguments in different techniques as to what…

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  • What Is It Like To Be A Bat By Nagel

    If there was one article that really stuck out to me throughout the semester, it has to be Nagel’s “What Is It Like to Be a Bat”. It’s concept and philosophy fixed itself into me and I tried applying those ideas to other articles as we went on. This article addresses one of the big questions of consciousness that tends to float around when discussing philosophy, which is what is it like to be something other than yourself? It isn’t too often that you debate on whether or not something or someone…

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  • To Any Would Be Terrorists Nye Analysis

    In the essay To Any Would-Be Terrorists written by Nye, Shihab Naomi is related to the current situation of Israel/Palestine for this part of the world. The past conflicts of the situation between Israel and Palestine have been happening for a while for the last decades for example the Palestinian war in 1948 when five Arab nations which were Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt who invaded the territory of former Palestinian mandate, which lead the United Nations to declare…

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  • Zap Comix Case Study

    Created in 1968 and running until 2016, Zap Comix was a ground-breaking and defying comic book that defied convention and societal law (Comic Code) it became a model for the Comix movement. A comic that has evolved with the ages taking a progressive and often regressive stance on ‘hot topics’ of the time. In Zap Comix Issue 1 Crumb describes himself as a ‘raving lunatic’ through the use of self-caricatures in this case; Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Showing from the get-go Crumb wasn’t one to…

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  • Stereotypes In Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction is Quentin Tarantino's most revered film, debuting in 1994. It features a series of disjointed stories surrounding a crime boss, Marsellus, and his hitmen, particularly, Vince Vega, a loyal, but sloppy and inept man who is assigned to various tasks ranging from taking care of Marsellus’ wife, to assassinating a boxer, Butch, who double crossed Marsellus. However, he is only one of many different fully flushed out characters in the film. The film aims to explore these different…

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