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  • Case Study: MGM Resorts International CSR

    Social Responsibility (CSR) As millennials have become a larger target audience for hotels and casinos, their need for sustainability has become a pressing issue. Las Vegas resort companies now face another kind of competition against each other; their corporate social responsibility. Many people looking to stay on the Las Vegas strip now look into how “green” these hotels are before choosing where to stay (Green, 2012). In order to stay competitive, companies like MGM Resorts International have…

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  • Importance Of Core Values

    The Friedman’s chapter “Clarify What’s Important to You” brings up this idea of personal core values. Values are beliefs that guide and direct one’s behavior. Every individual has a set of values that “ determine your actions as a leader and how you view the world around you. Acquiring multiple core values is crucial considering values establish behavior, actions, and decisions. Additionally, these values correlate with one another and demonstrate each individual’s potential as leaders. Based on…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Acoustic Guitar

    course). It wouldn’t be until 1992, and many colorful stories later, I would find myself on a plane headed to Las Vegas to test my vocal ability, in the Entertainment Capitol of the World. I had no intentions of picking up a guitar again. But, as fate would have it, I would sing my way into a job as an engineer in training at a local recording and rehearsal studio, just off the main strip. I virtually lived in that recording studio as I trained. There was always a guitar at my disposal.…

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  • Wynn Resort Case Study

    with a license to build casinos on the strip. In addition, the Chinese government has given permission but only until the year 2017. At this time they may redeem the concession. This policy may deter companies from attempting to gain access to this area. 2) Bargaining power of suppliers – The suppliers for Wynn Resorts would mainly consists of those providing the slot machines and the gambling tools. Since Wynn Resorts is already established within Las Vegas, they would already have…

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  • Sex Trafficking And Pimops

    the most common being in the sex industries including strip clubs, fake massage parlors, escort services, and the most popular, street prostitution. For example, massage parlors operate as legitimate business where they claim to offer a variety of services like massages or acupuncture etc. but instead offer commercial sex to customers. These “massage parlors” are found all across the United States from cities with a high sex industry like Las Vegas to even a local shopping center in the middle…

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  • The Pyramids Research Paper

    spirit would not notice him in the afterlife. The brain was taken out through the nose shortly after death and, on the left side of the body an opening was made with a knife to take the organs out. Then the body was cleaned and covered in linen strips (Bingham 22,28). When the funeral finally came the mummy was brought to the mortuary temple in its coffin and, the mummy got all its senses back when the ceremony started. So when the mummy was in the afterlife he would be able to move, speak,…

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  • How Does Violence Affect My Life

    single violent image etched in my mind. There are countless acts of violence I have witnessed, so many that they have all started to blur together when I think about violence. But some violent images have stood out in my mind. The shooting at the Las Vegas Strip, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and so many other acts of senseless violence. Those were very public acts of violence. There is the violence I take in from the media, violent television shows about murderers, video games where you steal cars and kill…

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  • Architecture: Postmodernism In Australia

    The appearance of forms that for decades were forbidden: pediments and arches, towers and domes, appear again during the postmodernism era. As Christian Norberg-Schulz stated, “Aren’t they just the manifestation of superficial nostalgia?”.1 Postmodernism came as a protest against the sterile emptiness of ‘late modern’ architecture, which lacks the satisfactory reference to everyday world of things. Modern architecture was always abstract and drew away from reality. It became non-figurative, as…

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  • Personal Ethical Threshold Analysis

    In the framework of caring, Bob fits into the four categories that Gilligan has stated above. First, Bob created a relationship with the buyer, even if it’s for economical gain. To do so he took his client to Red Ruby Club, a strip club. Second, for Bob to create a relationship with the clients, Bob had to do something he never thought about it in the light of day. Bob responded to Galen idea of earning the relationship of the client, even though at first he thinks it’s unusual…

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  • Slavery: The Main Cause Of The Civil War

    Also according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Atlanta is one of the nation’s largest hubs for human trafficking. In Atlanta there are over 200 active brothels, with an average of two opening each month. Atlanta also has more strip clubs or “massage spas” than Las Vegas, often times these types of businesses are just fronts for sex trafficking and prostitution. (Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, NA) Based on my reading and research my opinion stands the same, slavery still exists in our…

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