Kokoda Track campaign

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  • The Kokoda Campaign

    The Kokoda Campaign is one of the most famous and well-known battles faced by the Australian soldiers in World War II. The battle continued over a four month period thought New Guinea and surrounding islands. The main purpose of the campaign from the Australian side was to protect New Guinea from the Japanese whose plan was to invade and claim their land as their own. This is known to be one of the bloodiest campaigns of the World War with the trail being extremely narrow and no where to hide and be protected. It has left a strong, unbreakable bond between New Guinea and Australia which will continue throughout both of the countries history. In September of 1939, the 6th Division was formed and the 7th division was formed in March of 1940.…

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  • Klosterman's Theory Of Voyeurism

    It is fascinating to find that things that apparently seem to be so different can be developed in such way that they sustain the same point of view. If we think about the career of a very tall, basketball player; people attraction to voyeurism; the career of a country music singer who beats records in discs’ selling, and the use of laugh tracks in comedy sitcom, it looks like there can not be a strong connection between them. Now if we consider that the public is looking for this basketball…

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  • Transcontinental Railroad Advantages

    The advantages of the railroad were due to the demand for faster and more convenient transportation. They created more direct routes, greater speed and safety, dependable schedules, year-round service, and more space to travel. They connected many cities together and went about 50 miles an hour, which would take a whole day on horseback or stagecoach. It carried cattle, fruit, and goods it had never previously been carried. The Railroad Empire grew at the end of the Civil War. It expanded from…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Norman Rockwell's 'Breaking Home Ties'

    of lesson here, or is it more of a single frame caught during a story that has not yet reached its moral? We have two sides of this story, told by each of the characters. The young man seems excited and almost oblivious to his father’s suffering. The old man also can’t seem to figure out what to say, distant in his eyes as if lost in thought. Both seem to have difficulty communicating in the current situation. The old man might not speak to his son, worried he might burst into tears or say…

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  • Arthur Matthews's 'Urban Legend Of The Vander Light'

    The Vander Light This urban legend is said to have taken place in the 1800s, and is about the ghost of Arthur Matthews. Arthur Mathews was a Ticketmaster for the small train station located in Vander, North Carolina. The legend states that one rainy night the scheduled train was late and Arthur went outside on the platform with his lantern to see if he could see the train approaching. He slipped on the wet platform and fell onto the tracks hitting his head on a rail and knocking him out…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Core Four

    Led by the legendary Mack Queens, we dominated. Millions of bucks poured in daily. My job is a job that I know my mother would hate, but I bring in the good dough. The Core Four is the most successful business in the subways of New York City. We were just another group in the abandoned subway station, A6. We slept, we ate, we sold; all in that little station. The walls and floors were solid cement, converted in small pebbles from the old train tracks. The lights were shut off by the city, so we…

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  • Play Card Research Paper

    We built our house only few steps away from it. The surroundings of our house are peaceful and quite. The trees are swing softly through the breeze and the birds are hunting for food for its children. Yet, the least of perfection is that noise when the train passes through the track every night. I can feel my bed is shaking along with the ground. There is no track or sidewalk that allow people to walk. The only path we have is created by footsteps under the track. There were no protections or…

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  • Effects Of Industrialization On American Life

    Railroad to be built from California and the Mississippi River and eventually ends in Utah. The Mormons were encouraging for the railroad to come to Utah and offering protection to the railroads from Indians. Railroad lands became the most desirable because it made it easier to transport goods. People who could afford to buy railroad lands bought them. The government provided thousands of acres of land for the railroads to be built. They also offered an extensive right away of property on both…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Do Not Think Of An Elephant

    Rhetorical analysis: Political advertisements Presidential campaigns, in most cases, have been characterized by aspects of competition, which in turn has led to formulation and presentation of goals and objectives of each candidate is the most tactful manner. Major common issues are often addresses, such as; poverty levels, economic situation of the nation, unemployment and resource allocation. Standards of living in the United States have faced a major decline since 2010. The 2012 presidential…

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  • Negative Advertising Experiment

    Advertisements that criticize an opponent’s record, opinions, or character, run by a political campaign, is known as negative advertising. Negative advertisements usually expose a risk connected to voting for the opponent through influencing the fears of the voters and establishing a detrimental view of the opponent. Frankly, negative advertising appears to have increased tremendously. Negative political campaign ads are everywhere on the television, radio, and in newspapers. In contemplating…

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