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  • To The Animal Refuge: A Narrative Fiction

    We are NOT!” “We can’t leave it here. You can put it in the boot.” “And take it where, Pen?” “To the Animal Refuge.” “They’ll be closed.” “I’ll ring Kay Wilkins on the way.” “You know her?” “I have spent some time in this town too!” She reached down and touched the soft fur. “She’s a friend of Mum’s.” “I wouldn’t have thought Franchette…” She gave him a quick look and saw the warning in her eyes and…

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  • Disparity In Cities

    One of the many factors of wage inequality is known as geographical location. Some states or more specifically towns and businesses have different earning rates. Therefore there is more of a wage gap range. “Among the largest cities, Baltimore has the narrowest wage gap between men and women when controlled workers with the same job, skills, and education.” Said Susie Poppick from “Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Women 's pay Equality” in Time magazine. It depends on what year it is but the…

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  • Gender Roles In Men And Women

    The topic of men and women is always interesting to discuss. In the twenty first century, women are more educated and more independent of their finances. The American society is changing its expectations of gender roles and creating more opportunities for women. Many females are entering occupations that used to be male dominated. However, there are still obstacles that can restrict a woman from achieving her full potential such as gender stereotypes, gender pay gap, sexual harassment, child…

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  • Too Much Confidence Is Good Essay

    Confidence can be good. Confidence can also be bad. Whichever way the trait is looked at, confidence is quite confusing. When asked to define confidence, the first thought that comes to mind is believing in something. Believing in a friend, a teammate, or even one 's own self are all examples of confidence at play as everyone, at some point, has experienced it in some way, shape, or form. Therefore, confidence is used every day even if it is not necessarily recognized and it exists in everyone,…

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