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  • Self Concept In Counselling

    Notion of ‘Self’ – Reflective practices A recent search of literature on the notion of ‘self’ was conducted for this essay; in reviewing the literature various authors each giving their beliefs and concepts have written many theories and provided many discussions on ‘self’ over the years. However, to write about each of the authors would take some time, therefore within the essay, a few of the authors theories on what their beliefs and concept are to the view of self are included. The first…

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  • Erikson's Theory Of Personality Development

    I believe that personality is a trait that determines who you are as a person. Many Psychology theorists such as Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Raymond B. Cattell and Hans J. Eysenck, Karen Horney, and David Buss believe that support my argument for the personality theory. But theorists like Gordon Allport and Erik Erikson did not support my argument. Their concepts have shaped my view of personality development into what it is today. But based on their theories and my personal…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Vandalism

    INTRODUCTION “Actions can do something more than you can ever imagine” (Clores, 2018) Have you ever been in a situation that you’re starting to sketch out of nowhere? Sometimes we get unmindful and not even realizing that we are causing destruction to someone’s property. There’s a matter of time that we do kinds of stuff out of weariness or even cause of stress or feeling of lonesome. This case is serious especially when you don’t have any control and letting your actions do all the work for…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Perspective

    some of us still carry Mommy & Daddy issues. He was heavily criticized given that (like many others in this approach) he lacked empirical psychology. His idea of penis envy for girls was challenged by feminist scholars such as Clara Thompson and Karen Horney. They contended that the penis was a depiction of the “greater power men had, compared to women, in the society (Naomi Zack, 2005, pg. 84).” Erik Erickson claimed that women had a positive body image and were content with their “inner space…

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  • Psychodynamic Theory Of Personality

    Psychodynamic Theories Sigmund Freud believed that human personality is a reflection of the emotions and thoughts that we are unaware of, known as the unconscious. He theorized that the personality is made of the id, ego and superego. This id is present at birth and consists of sexual and aggressive instincts driven by the pleasure principle which demands immediate fulfilment of desires without pain. The ego tries to pleasure this id, but through the reality principle which acts on reasoning and…

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  • Sigmund Freud Psychological Theories

    In the history of science, especially psychology, there have been many great minds that have shaped the theories we still use today; These people’s theories are usually still taught in classrooms around the world. However, it is not to often that you come across someone who can be extremely controversial, and still be regarded as noteworthy. Sigmund Freud, while in recent years has come to be somewhat infamous in psychological circles, was and still is, regarded as one of the first real…

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  • Gender Differences Between Gender And Feminism

    aggression in both sides of the argument. Each gender will have reasons on why they are to be seen as an equal , but there is more than confidence and anger in the battle to why women and males are equal, there is a heavy sense of fear as well. Karen Horney will quote from her controversial novel The Distrust Between Sexes she will state this by analyzing that “Man’s fear of women is deeply rooted in sex, as is shown by the simple fact that it is only the sexually attractive woman who he’s…

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  • The Gestalt School Of Psychotherapy: A Brief Analysis

    The Gestalt school of psychotherapy was founded by Frederick S Perls and Laura, his wife. Fritz was the name that he was usually referred to by the majority of those around him. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1893 into a middle class family (Gall, S. B., Beins, B., & Feldman, A. J. 1996). His mother (Amelia Rund) grew up in an Orthodox Jewish environment, while his father (Nathan Perls) was Grand Master in the Freemason Lodge. His father was quite reclusive in his habits. (O 'Leary, E. 2013).…

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  • Maya Angelou: The Early Age Of Maya Angelou's Life

    The earliest years of Maya Angelou was dark and silent. She was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her mother Vivian Johnson was a nurse and realtor while her father Bailey Johnson was a naval dietician. Her birth name was Marguerite Annie Johnson and it was in her early twenties that she adopted her famous stage name Maya Angelou. Her early childhood was spent being raised by her paternal grandmother Annie Henderson after her parent’s divorce. She lived behind a grocery store that…

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  • 'Karen Horney's Theory Of Anatomy Is Destiny'

    When women began to study psychology, many dedicated their studies to refuting the old fashioned and inaccurate idea that women’s bodies limit their abilities. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Karen Horney and Clara Thomspon critiqued the idea of “anatomy is destiny” which had been introduced by Freud; they specified the importance of socioculture and environmental influences on personality and behavior. With the second wave of feminism came female…

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