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  • Misinterpretation In Julius Caesar

    Danger of Misinterpretation Misinterpretation is when a person misconstrues a certain idea or thing. In the The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare uses the concept of misinterpretation to program the important decisions in the play. Shakespeare’s use of misinterpretation is to provide the reader with a greater understanding of what could have happened compared to what actually occurred. In order to show the danger of misinterpretations, Shakespeare explorers the results of…

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  • Julius Caesar's Calendar

    Julius Caesar was a good leader for Rome, with a plethora of achievements and reforms. He reformed our calendar, and his name means ruler in multiple languages. He also had intense political aspirations. He is largely responsible for the calendar we use today based on the solar year giving us the 365 day year. This includes the “leap year” adding the ¼ day it actually takes in addition to the 24 hours one revolution takes for the earth to rotate around the sun. Prior to Caesar consulting with…

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  • Julius Caesar Quotes

    The famous metaphorical term “you back-stabber” has been developed from the famous scene in Julius Caesar. Being called a “back-stabber” means that one has gone behind the other person’s back and was disloyal to him/her. In the well known scene from the Shakespearian play, Brutus literally stabs Caesar in the back, showing his disloyalty as a friend. Throughout the play, loyalty and honor is discussed and is also used to describe some of the characters. However, some of the descriptions of the…

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  • Superstitions In Julius Caesar

    In her dream she saw a statue of Julius Caesar being transformed into a fountain from which spouted not water, but blood and the Roman citizens smilingly washing their hands in his blood. Furthermore, Omens were seen through Weather. For instance, on the night Cassius and the conspirators…

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  • Tragedy In Julius Caesar

    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Essay The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is play written by the great playwright William Shakespeare around 1599,this play was based on true events in Roman history. The play starts with a number of commoners of Rome celebrating Caesar's victory over Pompey’s son at the battle of the Munda. However during Caesar's parade a soothsayer warns Caesar to "Beware the ides of March", he disregards and ignores the man. Brutus and Cassius have a conversation, in which Cassius…

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  • Brutus In Julius Caesar

    lend me your ears.” In the five centuries since Marc Anthony used these words in William Shakespeare’s production, “Julius Caesar,” audiences alike have continued reading and rereading it. In the play’s eternal lines to time, readers learn a factual history lesson with the added bonus of Shakespeare’s gripping drama. Plot-wise, “Julius Caesar”’ tells the tale of the assassination of Julius Caesar, perpetrated by his deepest trusted friend Brutus, and the devastating consequences that Brutus and…

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  • Betrayal In Julius Caesar

    The most painful betrayal is that of a friend, especially after you’ve just been stabbed 23 times. William Shakespeare was a famous poet and playwright who wrote the play called “Julius Caesar”. It was based on true events although some scenes may have been altered. In said play, one of the more major characters was Marcus Brutus, a friend to Caesar and respected leader. His character was developed through his actions, words, and qualities such as being naive, his sense of nobility, and his…

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  • Manipulation In Julius Caesar

    Just like in the real world, there are many different areas where manipulation occurs in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These areas include manipulation in politics, manipulation within your family or friends, and manipulation within ourselves. One example of a person who manipulates in politics is Cassius, who manipulates Brutus into joining the conspirators and into killing Caesar. Julius Caesar is gaining a lot of support and may become dictator or ruler. Cassius feels like…

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  • Julius Cesar Character

    How do we define an individual as a main character? How do we outline his or hers attributes? How do we exemplify their qualities as the foremost leader? In the Shakespeare play, Julius Cesar, most readers, writers, and most definitely even William Shakespeare himself see the main character of the play as someone such as Brutus, Cassius, Antony, or even Casca, but why? Do we perceive them as the main character, because they have more lines than anyone else? Is it because the act extensively…

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  • Julius Caesar Conspiracy

    In William Skakespear's play Julius Caesar, the conspirators give several reasons why it is important to assassinate Caesar who is gaining more and more power that he is starting to become a dictator of democratic Rome. No ordinarlly one would be wary of taking part of murdering someone especially when they consider the consequences but the conspirators thought this was the just thing todo for the sake of Rome. While this seems like a very noble reason, however, Shakespeare seems to suggest that…

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