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  • Miss Julie Sympathy

    The trigger for sympathy for the eponymous character Miss Julie The inevitability of fate as a motor for drama has been used through the ages and August Strindberg’s controversial play Miss Julie falls into this grouping of literary classics. The eponymous protagonist (daughter of a count and a commoner), is driven by a hereditary need to integrate with the lower class yet simultaneously lord over them. Using her sexuality but also tempted by lowering herself socially, she beds her servant,…

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  • Harrison Bergeron Book And Movie Comparison Essay

    “‘And I say to you, that if it is GREATNESS we must destroy, then let us drag our enemy out of the darkness where it has been hiding! Let us shine a LIGHT...so that AT LAST, ALL THE WORLD CAN SEE!’” (Tuttle 2009). This quote creates a huge change in the main character than we see in the short story “Harrison Bergeron.” In both the short story “Harrison Bergeron” and the movie “2081” there are many similarities and differences. One similarity that stood out to me was that Harrison announces a…

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  • Ashurbanipal II Killing Lions

    Art has been accompying human beings in their journey of exploring and discovering the world. Humans used art to praise, imitate, or criticize the world around them. Even though the themes of the art created differ across time, art usually serves as a mean to capture human’s life at given time. The earliest artwork I’m going to discuss is the Rock Art Ashurbanipal II Killing Lions. This particular art piece shows how much humans admired animal, but also their desire to destroy them. Humans…

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