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  • Classroom Procedure

    Group Project Classroom procedure has changed drastically since the United States found themselves in 28th place for worldwide academic standards (BBC). So we tried to play catch up, we decided that our education system needed to change, and it did. But the question remains: where all of our changes for the better? The national art budget was cut or eliminated in many districts (Why the Arts Matter), technology has overrun our schools, and through it all gender bias still rules the classroom.…

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  • Controlling Desire Chapter 2 Summary

    Kirk Ormand is a classics professor at Oberlin University who specializes in sexuality in the ancient world. Throughout chapters eight, ten, and thirteen of his book Controlling Desires, Ormand looks at many aspects pertaining to Roman sexuality. An overarching theme of the three chapters looks at what was considered normal sexual behavior in Rome, with a focusing at times on homosexuality in Rome. Over the course of the chapters, Ormand looks at Rome’s origins and interrelation to Greece with…

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  • Summary Of The Poem Catholic Mother

    CONCLUSION (THESIS 21.6.15) Poems by women writers on motherhood and mothering, discussed so far conform to the feminist theorization of motherhood both as a subjugating political institution and an enriching personal experience. The poems may not be exclusively written to expose or explore the themes of motherhood alone, but their approach to this topic is extra ordinarily rich and varied, offering fresh insights into how sexual politics and the related institutions, like marriage, religion,…

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