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  • Ethical Dilemmas Of Self-Driving Cars

    When a car is out on the road, the driver has the responsibility to make moral and ethical decisions concerning not only his or her safety, but also the safety of others. Similarly, fully automatic self-driving cars would be expected to do the same. Designing self-driving cars is a difficult process as many ethical decision-making codes have to be programmed into the cars. Ethical principles have to be reviewed carefully before they are implemented into the self-driving cars so that the public approves them. Then, the accepted moral principles can be applied to design and solve ethical dilemmas of self-driving cars. As of now, existing technologies show some promising prospects of self-driving cars in the future. Widely accepted ethical principles…

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  • Summary Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    Name: Mohammadamin Malek Pour Judith Jarvis Thomson on her article about the morality of abortion gives us some simple and understandable examples. First, she considers the fetus is a person, although she thinks this is a “slope slippery arguments”. In her article, she simply argues that the mother has the right to her body and abortion can be permissible. First, she gives an example of a violinist who is attached to you without your permission and you have to keep the violinist for…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    A Defense of Abortion is an article written by Judith Jarvis Thomson about the reasons why women that are pregnant have the right and should have ability to perform an abortion if they choose to do so. Judith gives reasons and examples to why women have the right to abort the fetus if they want to do so. I completely disagree with his arguments. I firmly believe that a fetus has just as much as a right to life, then the mother that is birthing the child. First off, we must define when exactly a…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson Summary

    A Defense of Abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson Right off the bat the title may be a little deceptive but I am in accordance with Thomson and argue that abortion is not impermissible and do not argue that it is always permissible. For my reading response, I want to focus on a mother’s rights and choices when it comes to abortions, taking inspiration from Thomson’s consideration and rebuttal of several “plausible arguments” given as to why and when abortion is not permissible. To start…

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  • Analysis Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    Judith Jarvis Thomson argued that while there were objections to abortion, they weren’t well supported. While some people think that abortion is morally wrong, I agree with Thomson because of many reasons. One main reason is that while the fetus has the right to life, a mother does at well. Having an abortion could also be beneficial to the mother’s health if needed. Even if the mother’s health is not at stake and she knew of the risks and still engaged in consensual sex, it’s an unexpected…

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  • Summary Of A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    A moral philosophy called Judith Jarvis Thomson,came up with “A Defense of Abortion” in 1971.When it comes to argument of the right to life,According to experiments, he argue that fetus has the right to life though the pregnant woman has the right to control her own body.He disagree that abortion is morally impermissible.(Thomson,1971) Long time ago,abortion was considered in the context of gender selection,family planning,population control.First and foremost,almost every family want to…

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  • Analysis: A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    Judith Jarvis Thomson describes a fetus as being as much of a moral person as anyone, but he or she is not in fact entitled to using the mother’s precious resources. The idea of bodily autonomy is heavily stressed in her paper, “A Defense of Abortion”. Most of those who are against abortion tend to use the point that a fetus is a person as their major leg to stand on. Thomson argues that they fail to discuss what is impermissible about abortion. She provides strong reasoning for why abortion…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion Judith Jarvis Thomson Analysis

    In Judith Jarvis Thomson’s paper, “A Defense of Abortion,” Thomson clearly supports abortion even if the fetus is considered a person. In his argument, Thomson tells us to imagine that we were kidnapped and placed into a room side by side with a famous violinist. The reason we are kidnapped was because the famous violinist has a fatal kidney ailment and we have the right blood type that will aid the famous violinist from the poisons in his kidney. In this scenario, we have to stay side by side…

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  • The Trolley Problem, Proposed By Philippa Foot And Judith Jarvis Thomson: An Analysis

    ethical principles are key when it comes to making moral judgments. Lin (2015) explains that ethics often conflict with the laws, and rational decisions can make one take illegal actions. Gracyk (2015) writes that based on the principle of beneficence, we should take good actions. In addition, Gracyk (2015) states that the principle of non-maleficence emphasizes the idea of not harming others and minimizing the harm in events of unavoidable incidents. Ultimately, Gracyk (2015) brings up the…

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  • William Thomson Research Paper

    William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin William Thomson was born in Ireland on June 26, 1824 and was the fourth child born. His mother had three more children, then passed away when Thomson was at a young age. James Thomson, William’s father, was a professor as Glasgow University. William Thomson soon entered the Natural Philosophy department as Glasgow at the age of ten to further his studies. He received his education from Cambridge University where he earned a bachelor’s degree. Thomson lived a…

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