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  • Agenda Setting Theory

    opinions. Agenda setting and socialization play important roles in influencing individual’s views and beliefs within the news they consume. These influences cause individuals to create meaning from their interactions. Theodore White, a political journalist wrote, “The power of the press in America is a primordial one. It sets the agenda of public discussion; and this sweeping political power is unrestrained by any law. It determines what people will talk about and think about---an authority…

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  • Essay On Military Communication

    history in which the mainstream press took advantage of virtually unlimited access to combat zones and other areas of military operations, as long as Pentagon rules and guidelines were followed. Formal types of censorship were basically nonexistent. Journalists also generally had access to most areas of combat zones except those that were limited by the field commanders’ decision. This type of relationship began to change over time as the news media began to reveal the harsh realities of war to…

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  • Slippery Slope Fallacy Essay

    This paper will analyze different fallacies and how they are presented in televised commercials. Engleberg and Wynn (2012, p. 235) state a fallacy is an argument grounded in a false or inaccurate reasoning. There are several different types of fallacies individuals and corporations use to convince others of something, however this paper will specifically focus on slippery slope and appeal to authority. In this commercial a man waits on hold with his cable company. This causes him to become…

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  • Journalism Career Research Paper

    I want to be a journalist when I get older. Being a journalist would be perfect for me because I love talking to people and knowing the whole truth. Knowing the whole story is extremely important to me. In a journalist career it 's uncommon to be lucky enough to travel the world, but some journalists are offered to travel the world and ask people questions about an important story. Necessary education for a journalist is experience in the field. Being comfortable around people and not afraid of…

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  • Clark Hoyt Face To Face With Tragedy Analysis

    Journalists are more than often praised, honored, or congratulated for their work; however, they also find themselves, at times, being criticized for some of their images. Journalists publish many different genres of stories throughout their career, so which ones are the ones that spark criticism, and is this criticism valid? Quite obviously it’s the stories that include violent images or some sort of malicious act of crime. In order to develop their stories, journalists make their way to the…

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  • Biblical Ethics Of Present Day Journalism

    Global technology has fast-forwarded communications to nearly light speed which provides information to levels once only dreamed of. Due to the escalation and rapid transmission of information through many venues (e.g., internet, television, radio, print) there is much dialogue concerning the ethics of present day journalism. The question that will be reviewed in this dissertation is: (1) what are the obligations of journalist’s in regards to reporting events responsibly, and (2) can Biblical…

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  • Peace Journalism Definition

    new and has in fact, been the topic of several conferences and seminars over the years. Naturally, these seminars focus on the conflict in Mindanao with the aim of educating journalists on conflict reporting. One of these seminars, hosted by the British council with BBC journalist Jake Lynch and his wife, broadcast journalist, Annabel McGoldrick (March 2005)-whose works we have already touched on several times above focused on Peace Journalism. To reiterate, their definition of Peace Journalism…

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  • Can News Reporters Be Fully Clearly Trusted?

    21st century is known to be the start of new beginnings. It was that generation where machineries evolve the economics and social life of the human beings: from traveling to one place to another, a click of a button for communication, and to sending news to the residents of the world. But, as the year progress the mortals abused the capability of these machines. One of the problems is how they report news and how they edit stuff to create news and spread rumors. Can news reporters be fully…

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  • Norms In Journalism

    professional norms in the modern media organizations play a role in journalism today. It is evident that routines and norms influence the way journalists report political news. Existing professional norms, specifically objectivity, are not realistic, effective or desirable in the ways that they are applied today. This is because the identity of a journalist has been skewed into a mere shadow of what the profession once was. There is a way for reporting to fulfill their watchdog role in the…

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  • Corruption In Military

    Violence and corruption in every country surrounds the world today. With terrorism all over the world being unprotected would be a devastating measure to adhere to in any area of the globe. The honorable men and women of the United States Military should be thanked for the outstanding service they provide for the people of the United States. Although the U.S. military is among the sharpest in the world, it comes as no easy task serving the beloved country. The media is an essential component in…

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