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  • Essay On Being Untethered

    τέχνη (Technology/Science). In a very reall sense it feels as if it has become untethered and is allowed to float free. The proof, I think, is undeniable; take for example what the Nazi’s did in the name of science and progress. “At Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele injected dye into the eyes of children to see if he could permanently change their color. He also famously tried to create conjoined twins by stitching his patients together.” But it wasn’t just Nazi’s that did horrific things to humans…

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  • The Holocaust Happened

    How do we know the Holocaust happened? The Holocaust was a ‘solution’ created by the Nazis to “solve their Jewish problem” Survivors say it started on January 30th 1933 and finished May 8th 1945, when the Nazis were defeated by allied forces. Holocaust deniers usually ignore all the evidence of the event and insist that the numbers and story were invented by the Jews and the Allies for their own benefit. Also, in this essay when I refer to “Jews” or “Jewish people” I am usually meaning Jewish…

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  • The Holocaust: The Murder Methods Of Nazi Germany

    The Murder Methods of Nazi Germany In 1933 when Nazi Germany came into power, the Jewish population was over 9 million. By 1945 nearly two out of every three Jewish people were murdered in the Holocaust. This methodical genocide targeted mainly the Jewish population, but also the Gypsies, the disabled and some Slavic people. Various other groups were targeted because of political, religious and behavioral grounds such as Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals. The German…

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  • How Did Alphonse Bertillon Identify Criminals Revolutionize Police Work?

    Alphonse Bertillon, a file clerk and also the father of forensic science, had only a few days left to prove that his system of identifying criminals would revolutionize police work. With only a ruler, a tape measure, and calipers he took eleven physical measurements including: body height, length of the forearms, thickness of the head, etc. Each measurement was taken three different times, then averaged together to classify the criminal as small, medium, or large. Bertillon called this system,…

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  • Japanese Internment Camps In Ww2 Essay

    World War II was a time in which many people were discriminated against, hated, and ridiculed. Nazi Germany is infamous for the stories that came out of the brutality they displayed to the Jewish people. Japan is also very well known for their treatment of American Prisoners of War. Although both forces were, in fact, very savage in their ways, one can argue that the Japanese were ultimately more vicious toward the Allied Powers than the Nazis. The Nazis were very severe in the ways that they…

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  • Sigmund Rascher's Therapeutic Experiments

    Having lost numerous solders to the dreaded Russian winters, the High Nazi party commanded the study behind frostbite and hypothermia. In these, the experiments were designed to simulate the conditions to which the German soldiers had to face when fighting the Russian enemy at the eastern front. The experiments were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Sigmund Rascher at Birkenau concentration camp, Dachau and Aushcwitz. Dr. Rascher reported their results directly to Himmler, Commander in…

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  • The Los Angeles Museum Of The Holocaust (LAMOTH)

    The mentally ill were experiment to the mad scientist who discarded as many individuals as they pleased. The grotesque and gruesome selection process performed by Josef Mengele gained him the nickname of “angel of Death” by the survivors of Auschwitz. The concentration camps were his selection group where he was free to choose as many as he needed. His fascination for twins. An addition, LAMOTH holds Anne Frank’s timeline…

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  • Essay On Holocaust Experiments

    Experiments of the Holocaust Did you know that doctors were the backbone of the Nazi genocide? The doctors experimented on anyone deemed undesirable, such Jews, homosexuals and the disabled. They mercilessly experimented on thousands of people and few ever paid for their crimes. The experiments hurt and killed thousands of people and showed the most vile of science and medicine. The experiments were divided into three categories, military experiments, pharmaceutical and racially motivated. The…

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  • Ethical Objectivism Argument Analysis

    In this essay, I will be evaluating an argument from both moral skepticism and ethical objectivism. For clarification purposes, I will define some of the terms which I will be using throughout this essay. The following definitions in this paragraph are taken from the third edition of Shafer-Landau’s ‘The Fundamental of Ethics’ (2015). Ethical objectivism is the view that there exists at least one objective moral standard, and that some moral claims are objectively true. In contrast, moral…

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  • Analysis Of Time's Arrow By Amis

    Known for his works colloquially called Amis’s “London Trilogy,” his work often focuses on the excesses of Western capitalist society and the banality of modernity. Possibly his most standout work is one that barely fits into the confines of these themes is Time’s Arrow: Or the Nature of the Offensive, where Amis employs a wide variety of literary techniques to convey a story drenched in black humor, irony, and symbolism. Amis’s 1991 novel, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, tells…

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