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  • A Study In Pink Analysis

    Can all information be uncovered by the science of deduction? Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective who works to prove that it can. Sherlock has the extraordinary ability to reveal characteristics of strangers, simply by observing what most people fail to notice. His skills are expressed in literature, A Study in Scarlet, and motion picture, “A Study in Pink”. Both of these storylines follow Holmes and his assistant as they expose the clues behind a suspicious murder. The passage and show…

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  • Red Headed League Analysis

    done in China and his right hand is bigger than his left. Sherlock Holmes appeals to millions of readers because he makes his story more appealing. His readers think that he is smart, talented, and intelligent, for the things he does like crimes. Watson sees himself as a person who loves to solve mysteries and crimes, he presents himself to the readers as a person who is interested with working for Sherlock Holmes. He asks a lot of questions…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Compare And Contrast

    normally with the people around him. His sidekick John Watson as in the books is a war veteran and as they meet the first day, he is astonished by the deducting capabilities of the young Sherlock Holmes, and they agree…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Research Paper

    imaginable. Rather than play innocent about these dynamics, “Sherlock” mines them heavily, for humor and frisson. Yet for all the “Wait, are they actually gay?” gags, the show is admirably committed to something more serious: the notion of Sherlock/Watson as both True Detective and True…

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  • John Watson Research Paper

    School John Broadus Watson Emma and John Watson gave birth to John Broadus Watson in 1878. John was born in Greenville, South Carolina into a poor family (Cohan). His mother, Emma was a faith going, Bible believing woman (PBS). His father John was, who he was closer with was the complete opposite, he loved to have affairs on Emma and he drank excessively and he eventually left them in 1891. John married Mary Ikes whom he met at the University of Chicago while attending. Mary and John had…

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  • Oedipus The King And A Scandal In Bohemia Analysis

    In its most basic form, sight can be defined as the “perception of objects by use of the eyes.” When taken literally, sight is just that—physically seeing something with your eyes. While sight can indeed be taken literally, it can also encompass much more than simply “seeing” something. This distinction between the literal definition of sight and a deeper sense of sight can be found in the comparison between Sophocles’s Greek tragedy, Oedipus the King, and Sir Author Conan Doyle’s short story,…

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  • Bbc's Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem

    (or, simply put, ASPD). A lack of guilt and remorse, difficulty maintaining relationships with others and a shortage of empathy are just a few of the symptoms he displays. It's a wonder John Watson was able to stick by him. Nevertheless, Sherlock ever so slowly is able to create and maintain a friendship with John (even when caring for people is not one a priority) gives way to endless character development. Ultimately, something that was not given to readers in The Final Problem. It is much…

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  • Crime Fiction Tv Show Analysis

    Crime fiction television shows from different countries portray the contrasting values and cultural ideologies societies of differing nations possess. A nation’s context greatly influences the crime fiction programs that it creates; current events occurring within a country and the contemporary issues that they deal with all shape the shows they produce. The American drama “Breaking Bad”, England’s “Sherlock Holmes” as well as the Australian show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, all demonstrate…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Effect

    progression of events and their inevitable shock factor. The audience is forced to first see the beloved main character fall to his death in order to save the lives of those close to him, then die in the arms of his best friend John Watson, and finally cut to a scene of Watson visiting Sherlock’s grave …only then to have Sherlock reappear out of sight from the other characters, alive and well, watching the aftermath that his death has caused ( This particular plot device follows…

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  • John B Watson Summary

    Introduction This article analysis presents ideas from Watson about psychology and how it is viewed as a natural science. This analysis also elaborates Watson’s goals and why he believed that behaviorism could be controlled. The experiment performed by Watson is identified and used to attempt controlling behavior. The results stray far from Watson’s intentions, but is sufficient for his studies. During the article summary, two articles will be used to interpret Watson’s article as a whole…

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