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  • The Importance Of Britain As The Mother Country Of The Colonies

    European countries, mostly England. Sugar, cotton, and rum came from the colonies to Europe, while salt, spices, and wine from Europe to the colonies. However, Britain changed her policies, imposing high taxes on the colonies and limiting trade with the Americans (Berkin 104). While the colonies initially wanted to settle an agreement with their Mother Country, by 1776, Americans decided that going to war for independence was the only option to break away from England. Colonial figure Jeremiah…

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  • Henry Hudson: A Great English Explorer

    Olivier and John. His character remains elusive but many places bear his name. He gave his name to the Hudson River in New York, the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay in Canada. Despite Hudson was one of the most famous explorers of the world, he never really found what he sought. He spent his career seeking different routes to…

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  • Middle English Language In The Middle Period

    Ardian Sallauka 25/12/2015 Middle English Middle English language was spoken in England between 1100 and 1500, and it is considered to be the ancestor of modern English, the language used nowadays. Middle English was divided into three main periods: Early Middle English 1100-1250, the Central Middle English 1250-1400 and finally the Late Middle English from 1400 to 1500. Early Middle English: It was known as the…

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  • The Female Patriots Analysis

    honorable approach of sending the message to England by hitting them in the purse. At this time in our history woman were not in a position of power as they are today. The decision makers rallied for violent means to an end, while the women sat dutifully in the background feeding their families. What Griffitts was able to do through her poem was call to the “Daughters of Liberty” to rise and take a stand against the tyranny imposed on the masses by England (547). Griffitts was able to sell…

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  • Essay On Scottish Enlightenment

    right to rule was largely unquestioned in society. Rene Descartes published Meditations in 1641 and introduced the "Method of Doubt" in which the concept of God was finally met with scepticism. Descartes along with other influential figures such as, John Locke, Voltaire, Thomas Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Baron de Montesquieu paved the way for a more logical interpretation of society. This process of demystification led to the gradual…

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  • Battle Of Bouvines Essay

    French by 10000 men. The chance to retake Normandy had gone. John had been unable to join Otto as his Lusignac/Poitevin allies refused to fight Prince Louis’ army at Roche aux Moins – an attack that had been designed to draw royalist troops away from Normandy. John retired to Aquitaine. Battle of Bouvines: the loss of Normandy in 1214 The charts below show the movement of troops in the Battle of Bouvines. This was a battle King John had never wanted to fight. His plan had always been…

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  • The Iroquois Confederation

    the laws the king leaves; and if there is any man so unwise, as to not so see, that he will suffer no law to be made here, but such as it suits his purchase. (RTAP 14). Paine then states that America is just the second part in British politics. England consults the good of [this] country, no farther than it answers her purpose. (RTAP 14). By Paine stating this, he is showing and describing to the readers on how the government came about when the English came over. Britain wanted to hold reign…

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  • John Franklin's Influence On Society

    John Franklin was England’s epitome of a great explorer. His first two voyages to discover the Northwest Passage, the first from 1819-22 and the second from 1825-7, made Franklin a national hero. However, Franklin’s fateful third voyage resulted in his disappearance and consequent search for one of England’s great explorers. Franklin was famously known for his fortitude when he encountered obstacles throughout his first two explorations; when he and his crew ran out of food supplies, which was a…

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  • How Far Did The Magna Carta Affect England's Government

    government was strictly under King John’s control. The monarchy ruled over everything with heavy taxes and few rights for the people. Because of the King’s actions, a rebellion against his unfair ruling was forming. Realizing the uprising assembling, King John finally signed The Magna Carta, or the Great Charter ( Staff). This archive took a stand against the monarchical power, for the rights of the people, and the stand had lasting legacy throughout history. England’s unfair ruling…

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  • Chesapeake Family Structure

    Although the New England and Chesapeake regions were settled by basically English, each region was clearly different than the other. This could have happened for many reasons, but difference in how the families were structured and the effect of religion on each region were probably two very big influences on the different developments of the societies. In New England, people who immigrated there came mostly in the form of families. In 1635, "Ship's List of Emigrants bound for New England,"…

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