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  • Benefits And Benefits Of Papaya Leaves

    Papaya leaf is one of the vegetables taken from the leaves on plants or fruit trees. Indonesians eat papaya leaves as lalab or leaf cooked in a processed way as snacks for cooking rice and also other side dishes. Uniquely papaya leaves have a different taste with the fruit that bitter. But the bitter taste does not limit many Indonesian people to like the leaves of papaya. Even if you can process it, then the leaf will not be too bitter. Behind the bitter taste, it turns out papaya leaves store…

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  • Tamarind Tree Essay

    • It supplements the Vitamin C in the body. • It is good for diabetes. • It is an excellent remedy for fever and body pains. • It cures gingivitis. • It is also suggested for leprosy. Ayurvedic Medicinal Cures 1. Jaundice: • Drink tamarind water • Drink tamarind juice made from…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Mamibeka

    PRODUCT STRATEGIES STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Pd.S.1. Mamibeka offers a different flavor using their own special marinate. Pd.S.2. Barbecue is served in a different way using metal skewer. Pd.S.3. Reliable suppliers Pd.S.4. Meat is full of flavor and fresh Pd.S.5. The quantity of the food is worth the price being paid by the customers. Pd.W.1. Mamibeka offers limited choices in their menu. Pd.W.2. Food needs to be served hot off the grill because the taste and quality of the food changes. Pd…

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  • Pineapple Case Study

    and minerals. One healthy ripe pineapplefruit can supply about 16.2% of daily requirement for vitaminC [14]. Vitamin C is the body's primary water soluble antioxidant, against free radicals that attack and damagenormal cells. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C supports theformation of collagen in bones, blood vessels, cartilage andmuscle, as well as the absorption of iron. Vitamin C alsoretards the development of urinary tract infections during pregnancy and reduces the risk of certain cancers,…

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  • Soybean Case Study

    INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) is a versatile leguminous plant with exceptional nutritional health and benefits. The key benefits are related to their excellent protein content (contains all 8 essential amino acids), high levels of essential fatty acids, numerous vitamins and minerals, isoflavones, and fibre (Dwevedi and Kayastha, 2011). Soybean supplements nearly one-third of the world population with proteins and edible oil (Dogra1et al., 2014). According to…

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  • Essay On Benefits Of Papaya

    Papaya (Papaya) a lot of advantages! Taste sweet, pear-shaped and resembles orange papaya whole year is freely available in the market as well as it is a cheap and healthy fruit. Like butter in touch and seemingly the most delicious eating papaya vitamin C, A and E is abundant. An intake of papaya fruit, smoothies, milkshakes, salads as well as vegetables (raw papaya) is used. Papaya because of their medicinal uses since ancient times is famous and rich. It is a traditional herbal medicine. The…

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  • Amaranth Case Study

    INTRODUCTION Amaranth is a pseudo cereal which is a good source of dietary nutrients. For innovating new product by using the grains of amaranth, which will increases the utilization. Leaves of amaranth plants are used as leafy vegetable, in other hand seeds as cereals (Saunders and Becker 1984). Amaranth is rich in high quality protein. Some studies say that because of the presence of the presence of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron etc it is also having neautracitical property. It also…

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  • Origanum Majorana Case Study

    : Origanum majorana L. widely used in Jordan and other Mediterranean countries as a flavoring and herbal spice. An infusion of the plant is used for treatment of internal diseases, haemorrhoids, pains, and animal bites and poisons. In this study, I attempted to identify the possible antinociceptive action of Origanum majorana methanol leaf extract using tail immersion, hot plate, and writhing tests. The antinociceptive effect of the methanol extract of Origanum majorana (MEO) leaves was…

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  • Avocado Fruit Benefits

    Avocado Fruit Benefits to Get You Even More Healthy Dealing with Avocado, you may need to know some avocado fruit benefits. Because there are so many health benefits you can get from consuming avocado fruit. We all know that fruits are the best healthy food you can consume. It has its sweet distinctive taste which contains a lot of vitamins and much more other nutrition. Fruits can be consumed directly by peeling the skin. It can also be consumed in a form of juice. If you want to add healthy…

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  • How Does Water Content Affect The Stability Of Water?

    Water, being the main component of foods, is an important diluent for other water soluble food components such as carbohydrate, protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Most fresh foods contain a large amount of water, normally more than 70%, while fresh fruits and vegetables can contain up to 90 to 98% of water (Gowen, 2012). Water in foods can be categorized into two classes, free water and bound water. Free water is freely available for chemical or biological reactions as well as for microbial…

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