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  • Bystander Book Report

    My book is called Bystander. It follows the life of a young boy named Eric who is new to Bellport, Long Island. As a seventh grader it is scary to move to a new school, especially if you do not know anybody going into it. Early in the book, he becomes “friends” with the school bully and his followers. This however was a big mistake. He gets himself into uncomfortable positions where he has to decide to stand up to Griffin (the bully) or stand behind him. My presentation took place on October…

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  • How Did Flappers Changed Society

    Known for its fast paced lifestyle, experimentation, and break in traditions, the ‘Roaring Twenties’ produced ideals and technology that changed America forever. One of the many prominent features of the early 20th century was the emergence of the “flapper,” women who deviated from the traditional Victorian female standards at the time. These women often bobbed their hair, wore short dresses and skirts, and took on many characteristics that had only been deemed appropriate for men. The…

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  • Examples Of Morality In Catcher In The Rye

    The Catcher in the Rye, by JD Salinger, objects the academic and social norms of the time period. Salinger expresses his disapproval through Holden Caulfield, a reckless teenager, who feels a strong sense of hatred for adult society in the book. Holden Caulfield was also supposed to give an insight of what he thought were the right methods of dealing with children being rushed into the corrupted adult world. Holden poses as an excellent example of how children can be disturbed by the unethical…

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  • Essay On The Relationship Between Holden In Catcher In The Rye

    The Connection between Holden and Allie Caulfield While reading D.J. Salinger’s, The Catcher in the Rye, I realized how much of the world along with the people Holden assumes is fake and phony. Basically everything. A clear reason to why he thinks this is not mentioned. The world is fake and phony because it no longer holds that innocence. The deep connection between Holden and Allie is affecting Holden in a negative psychological way as a result of Allie no longer remaining in Holden’s world.…

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  • Adoption: A Case Study Of Ben's Life

    In the given case study, Ben’s life has been portrayed gloomy as from the childhood, he has nurtured in the unhealthy and rancorous environment as he has not gotten chances of much needed parental love. It is worth to note that, the child deprived of the maternal and paternal affection does not do well when grows up academically and socially. On this note, in the said case study, it is expressed that Ben is introvert and doesn’t like to show amicability in general. He has a lovely wife with whom…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Adolescence Essay

    Terri Apter once said that “adolescence is society 's permission slip for combining physical maturity with psychological irresponsibility.” Adolescence, or more precisely the transition from childhood to adulthood, is often associated with one’s struggle to become unique and create a bright future. A stage in life full of self-discovery and an acceptance of the responsibilities of adulthood, adolescence can be a daunting, yet truly fulfilling experience. In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by…

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  • Similarities Between Catcher In The Rye And Into The Wild

    It is clear that in society people are often incapable of forming profound relationships. Problems relating to someones home or family life, and the connections they find within that, can lead to people breaking away in order to seek, and form, more substantial connections elsewhere. This is portrayed within J.D. Salinger’s ‘Catcher In The Rye’, and Sean Penn’s ‘Into The Wild’. Holden and Christopher share similar triggers for the beginning of their journeys, namely the break down of…

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  • The Four Idols

    Are we there yet? What’s your name? How old are you? Why? These are all common questions that a young child would ask his/her parents. Young children are usually more susceptible to new things because they have no other beliefs on how things should be. A child is always on the go, exploring new things taking interest in learning everything he/she can. As a child gets old he/she is always on the go but for different reasons. Most children go with the flow relatively easy, but adults don’t. Adults…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Title Analysis

    The Catcher in the Rye introduces a troubled teenager, Holden Caulfield, who sees the adult world and growing negatively. Using tone, symbolism, and the meaning of the title to J.D Salinger shows the difficulty of growing into adulthood and having to deal with its complexities and the inability of preserving the innocence of a child. This is because Holden does not seem to want to join the phony adult world, and he tries to avoid it. He mentions he wants to live on farms and in New England…

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  • 1920s Fashion Essay

    Freedoms such as being able to vote, express them-selves, and gain a sense of respect from others. Not only was fashion a piece of material back in the 1920’s, but also a form of movement. With the turn of the decade and fashion, women were able to speak for them-selves whether their voices were seen or heard as negative or positive. The Flapper image became negative for the elders but the image allowed young women to be able to grow out of that stage into mature women. Wanting to move out due…

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