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  • Character Analysis Of Catcher In The Rye By J. D. Salinger

    Many times in our lives, we tend to judge people depending on their authenticity. While this might just be human nature, people tend to look beyond that. People are just looking to determine how authentic a person can be. Some people deserve to be admired for their beliefs, expectations and principles. In the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield has many beliefs and judgements about people based on what they say and do. Although, this may be thought as of a…

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  • Perception In Night Shymalana's The Sixth Sense

    In Night Shymalana’s The Sixth Sense, Cole Sear makes the statement, “They only see what they want to see.” This seemingly simplistic phrase directly parallels the various ways in which we perceive others and the world around us. Cole Sear, a young boy who claims to see the dead, tells us that the dead only see what they want to see. By this, he means that the deceased forge an alternate universe that ultimately allows them to perceive the world as they wish—a world in which they are still alive…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Narrator Analysis

    22470 Mrs. Murawsi American Lit Honors Period 2 14 Dec 2015 The Catcher in the Rye If a person had the opportunity to grow up, would they? Throughout the story The Catcher in the Rye Holden Caulfield goes through many challenges in the book. In the novel Holden struggles with internal conflict by seeing the adult world in its phoniness and it’s unbearable moments. Through the duration of the story what influences Holden Caulfield’s unreliability are his lies and deceits, his sexual identity,…

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  • Scarlet Jones Monologue

    It was April 16, 1920 my boss Mr.Stierwalt a NHL player worth millions invited four women over; Scarlet Jones, Colonel Skaggs, Professor kranz, and Reverend Isabella. First to arrive was Scarlet Jones a millionaire flapper dress designer. Next to arrive was Reverend Isabella and professor Kranz. Reverend Isabella is the head of the most prestigious church there is ,and Professor kranz is a well respected neurologist. The last to arrive was Colonel Skaggs a highly revered colonel in the US…

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  • Wes Moore Compare And Contrast Essay

    There are over seven billion people that are currently living on this planet, and out of those seven billion people about one billion are children that are living in poverty. Two of these one billion children happened to be named the same and live in the same neighborhood. Wes Moore was the name that belonged to both of these two children. Although they grew up in the same neighborhood for most of their childhood, they would grow up to live completely different lives. This is due to the…

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  • Maggot Moon Book Report

    “You see, the what ifs are as boundless as the stars.” (p.1) Maggot Moon starts off with a mysterious phrase, leaving the readers in question. Sally Gardner, the author, has written and illustrated many books even with dyslexia. Maggot Moon is a novel that reflects back to the past. It has simple words and short chapters which makes it easier to comprehend, despite the fact that it is not in chronological order. The book is written in first person, which gives the reader a stronger perspective…

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  • Jim Carrey's Analysis

    A fifteen year old with ADD, performing stand-up comedy, getting a job as a janitor, and dropping out of school just to support his family. A young boy with an intellect that became well known but with depression beyond no other. Both of these famous individuals started from nowhere, and are now everywhere including two life changing commencements. Many colleges have their valedictorian, a school administrator, or even a teacher address the graduates however, both Maharishi University of…

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  • Holden Caulfield Adulthood

    Growing up is one of the uttermost challenging stepping stones in any teenager’s life. To grow up, or to become more towards adulthood; to be compelled to become mentally and physically mature. In the book “ The Catcher in the Rye” Holden goes through various developments of growing up. Being the uttermost important theme of the book would be growing into the best person you can be. For example, Holden Caulfield grows in incomparable ways, we discover new effects about him, and how he has…

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  • Character Analysis: Hatchet, Moon Shadow

    How can I make this work, this is so hard! I am so lost right now! Have you ever felt loneliness, hunger, fear, immaturity, and confidence? I know I have, so did these characters named Brian (from the book Hatchet, Moon Shadow (from the book Dragonwings), and Rachel (from the book Eleven). Brian is a boy that faces the wilderness with very little resources. Moon Shadow is a young man that is curious and fearful of the strange place his father works in. Lastly, Rachel is experiencing the fact…

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  • The Rich In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

    “Rich fellas come up an they die, an their kids are no good an they die out.” The sentence caught him off guard, so much so the he had to re-read it to ensure he hadn’t left something out. It was painful. Amid the blur of dialogue written in the same melodramatic tone of John Steinbeck, the sentence stuck out from the rushes of Grapes of Wrath like a thorn from a rose. He hadn’t expected to be caught off guard by a book (let alone a book he was only meant to read as homework over the summer) yet…

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