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  • Realism In David Campbell Hero's Journey

    structure, illustrates the mechanism that allowed of The Simpsons to become so popular. Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ shows how a character is able to transform throughout a story, journeying into the ‘abyss’ in order to change. This narrative structure appeals to so many as it is the vehicle in which everyone lives. Everyone journeys from the known (Home, Family etc) to the unknown (Work, Stress, Challenges) in order to grow as individuals. The Simpsons was able to follow this architype of story,…

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  • Prom Persuasive Essay

    Everybody in high school is obsessed with the idea of prom but its honestly not worth all of the hype. Prom is not only very expensive, its also way over rated, and a huge waste of time. All of the girls are always worried about who 's going to ask them to be their date. All the guys don’t really care for it but they do whatever they can to make the girls happy and keep them happy. The main issue for girls when it comes to prom is who is going to ask me, or what am I going to wear. They don 't…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Simpsons

    Park. “Oh how dumb,” I would say to my self and I could not understand how adults could find these mean animated characters so funny. At some point it even bothered me and I did not find the show funny but rather insulting. I would also watch The Simpsons but oddly enough I only found some episodes interesting. Sometimes I didn’t understand the language and I wondered why my older brother was still into these cartoonish shows. It was not until I got older that I realized these shows were…

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  • The Simpsons Analysis

    Groening picked the characters of the Simpsons by using people he grew up with. The parents in the Simpsons are named Homer and Marge, the same name that Groening's parents have. He named Lisa and Maggie after his two younger sisters. Groening thought it would be too obvious if he named the oldest son after himself, so Groening decided to name the last child Bart which is an anagram of brat. Homer's father also received the same name as Groening's grandfather, Abraham. Groening returned to…

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  • Satire In The Simpsons

    The Simpsons has become a staple of American life since its first release in 1989. This long lasting cartoon comedy achieved the true essence of satire by capturing the moment of stupidity among today’s stereotypical American ‘everyman’. By using a wide range of satirical devices such as: parody, irony, sight gags, absurdity and black humour, The Simpsons develops and enhances brilliant and distinct characters in order to create the fascinating and hilarious satire. Therefore, The Simpsons…

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  • Intertextual Analysis Essay

    Design In regards to intertextuality, Teddy from my picturebook is the Humpty Dumpty used in the television show Playschool. This served two purposes: Humpty is known to be an incredibly unlucky character, creating doubt in the readers mind even at the beginning of the story that Teddy is the lucky one; and it also creates a connection to Australian children (and even adults) that watch Playschool. Salience and colour were used hand-in-hand in my picturebook through the colour red: it is one of…

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  • Lisa Simpson Qualities

    expecting that he or she will speak up upon them to help make changes for the best. This is why i present to you, Lisa Simpson - one of the most well know and trust worthy. At her young age she has proven to be brilliant and one of the most passionate about the environment. Beyond all her qualities she knows how to be a leader; She is what Spring feel needs. Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons show should be the future President of Spring Field. She has many appealing qualities that would fulfill her…

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  • The Rise Of The Argument Of Leisure Time

    computer screens, but rather, we’d use to gather about the tube and sift through the various channels before settling on something agreeable. One particular program often piqued enough interest in everyone to keep its place on the screen; The Simpsons. The Simpsons offered something for everyone. There was always a character you can relate to; whether it’s the underappreciated and overworked housewife, the blue collared father who despite always having the best intention can’t seem to get…

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  • Marge Vs. The Monorail: The Simpsons

    The Simpsons are often looked at as simply a comedy show but in reality the television program is so much more. The Simpsons have been around since 1989 and from the beginning of it’s conception the writers have been commenting on the world around them. The program started a revolution in the television world and has sparked many copy cat shows. The show can be considered one of the greatest show in the history of television. This not simply because it creates laughs on the surface but under the…

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  • The Day Of The Locust Essay

    The Day of the Locust is a novel written by Nathanael West, it was first published in 1950 by New Directions Co. The Day of the Locust is a novel explaining, in great detail the way of life in hollywood in the 1930’s. Tod Hackett has been in Hollywood for three months, since he was recruited and hired by telegram from the Yale School of Fine Arts. He observes the people of Hollywood and divides them into two classes; the first class is made up of the people who seem to be coming from or going to…

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