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  • Jesus Christ Influence

    impact on the life of Jesus and the face of Judea. Judaic temples, history, rituals, and religious groups all contributed to the historical setting of the New Testament. The Jerusalem Temple has long been a historic site of conflict and religious upheaval. According to Andre Parrot in his book The Temple of Jerusalem, this structure has seen numerous wars, its own reconstructions, and the rise and the fall of the Roman Empire’s control over Judea. Although the Temple has always been a…

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  • Mendelssohn's Jerusalem Summary

    decision to write down the oral law? Does he approve of writing down the oral law or not, and why? Does he think it’s a good idea to write down the oral law in his own context, and why? How does this relate to the argument Mendelssohn is making in Jerusalem? In particular, how does Mendelssohn see the question of writing down the oral law relate to the printing of Jewish legalistic books? Mendelssohn states that because ancient Judaic texts were not originally written, but where entrusted to us…

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  • Understanding Of Ornament In The Italian Renaissance By Clare Lapraik Guest

    Christ who would later have His own triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. (John 12:14-15) The foremost and consummate antichrist type in the Bible is Antiochus Epiphanes. In the book, “The Understanding of Ornament in the Italian Renaissance”, by Clare Lapraik Guest, the author states that his processions, “contained temporal allegories and robed statues of the gods plus mythological scenes.” In 168 B.C. he conquered Jerusalem and built an idol to the god, Jupiter in the Jewish…

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  • Antichrist In Judaism

    allegories and robed statues of the gods plus mythological scenes.” In 168 B.C. he conquered Jerusalem, and inside the Jewish temple, slaughtered a pig on an idol he built to the god, Jupiter. In referencing the Abomination of Desolation in the book of Daniel, Christ linked the Antichrist to Antiochus (Mark 13:14). Antichrist — like Antiochus before him — will also set up an idol in the future temple in Jerusalem and sacrifice to it. The Bible also associates the Antichrist to another person —…

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  • Psalm 30: The Jerusalem Temple

    Psalm 30 portrays the struggles of the life of faith within a brilliant edifice: The Jerusalem Temple, a powerful icon that portrays the faith of the community, the enduring presence of God and the sanctity of God’s promises to the Israelites. The Psalm is ascribed to David, but it is also dedicated to the construction of the Temple in 164 B.C. The title of the Psalm, “Thanksgiving and Deliverance”, gives us a sense of graciousness, which we should keep in our hearts when we read it and meditate…

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  • Jerusalem 1913 Book Review

    I. INTRODUCTION: (JERUSALEM 2004-2006 AND PART ONE: JERUSALEM 1898) Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, Amy Dockser Marcus, wrote the novel Jerusalem 1913: The origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the year 2007. Marcus was a journalist working for New York City’s The Wall Street Journal in 1991. She flew to Tel Aviv, Israel in September. The stories and facts she has about this topic are interesting because she has actual historical background and knowledge about it. She is able to…

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  • Why Did The Crusades Obey Urban II's Order?

    crusaders to defend themselves against infidels, therefore, after the fall of Jerusalem, the crusaders did not obey Urban II’s order because they felt betrayed by Alexius I. In 1099, after the crusaders celebrated their victory, they concluded that they had to repopulate the city, appoint a rule, and expand their territory to keep Jerusalem under Christian rule. However, the Christians establishment of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem emerged out of Muslim disunity and alliances between Muslims…

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  • The Crusades And The Kingdom Of Heaven

    In the real history of Crusades the king Philip II who is the Christian believer and the leader of the Christians but in the movie kingdom of Heaven he doubt in the Christian. In the Crusades there he controlled the Jerusalem, as the place where Christ lived and died and held a central role. In the middle ages the Christians were attacked by the Muslims and conquered the Holy land and later there was a war against the Palestine by the king Philip and Knights Templar.…

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  • The Crusade: The Failure Of The First Crusades

    result the Emperor Alexias went to ask Pope Urban the second for protection against the Muslims. Pope Urban looked at this as a way to gain land for the Christian faith and accepted, he gave a speech calling all Christians to join forces to claim Jerusalem and the Holy Land. To further motivate people the Pope promised any past sins would be cleansed if they were to join the crusades. This brought many volunteers that had no experience, Peter the hermit took advantage this and created the…

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  • The Crusades As A Sequences Of The Nineteenth Century

    Christians were impatient to take back Jerusalem which is known as their holy land. The church had the power to Knights, Chiefs and even Popes that were impatient to transfer their religion to other nations. The Islamic militaries were full of power an energy and took over North Africa and most of Spain. When the first crusade started, a request came from Pope Urban II to the Christian armies to go fight against the Muslim armies in the holy land, Jerusalem. When the first crusade captured…

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