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  • Magifra Shoetique Cafe Case Study

    Magifra Shoetique Café (MSC) is a boutique footwear cafe that differentiates itself by offering exclusive service to customers who wish to self-design their own ergonomically, handcrafted shoes while also having access to an exquisite and relaxed café. MSC wish to penetrate the market after seeing a growth potential in target segment’s needs and consumption for unique luxury goods. Therefore, different strategies in terms of the pricing, promotion, business growth and resource management would…

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  • Discussion And Beauty In Richard Cory, By Edward Arlington Robinson

    The way one display’s themselves to the world and universe can say a lot about who they are as a person. However, as society evolves and changes it is becoming increasingly more popular to cover one’s inward feelings and portray a mask of perfection and beauty. In Edward Arlington Robinson’s Richard Cory the main character, Richard Cory himself struts through the town showing off his regal and flashy attire, at least what was considered flashy in the time this was written. This sartorial choice…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between The 1960s And 2000

    Comparison between the 1960s And 2000 Following the 1960s, fashion in the beginning of 2000 has moved from the minimalist approach, to incorporate several dressing styles. In the beginning of 2000, designers began incorporating more patterns and colors in their clothes, using inspiration from the vintage clothing of the 1960s, 1970s, and eras of 1980s. In comparison to 1960s, fashions in 2000 turned to be more feminine, decent and attractive than those of former year, an indicator of better…

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  • Summary: The Fast Fashion Model

    The fast fashion model spreading across the apparel industry is decreasing the lifespan of clothing through the minimization of production time and costs. Because retailers are producing so rapidly, the purchase behavior of consumers is consequently accelerating. The result is a surplus of unwanted items needed to be disposed—whether it be because of a change in taste or lack of quality. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the United States throws away 12.7 million tons, or 68…

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  • Extraordinary Interview Case Analysis

    NoeNeff Inspirery Interview Author Bio Noelle Neff is an accomplished young female photographer and the Founder of Noelle Neff Photography based in Miami, Florida. Noelle Neff Photography specializes in wedding photography, sport photography, fine art photography and portrait photography among other areas. Noelle is especially adept at wedding photography, a fete that has seen her receive contracts from high places as well as awards of excellence. Over the years she has received call up from a…

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  • Kids Stuff Chaubon Analysis

    In Chabon’s “Kids’ Stuff”, he talks about how comic books have changed over the years. Chabon discusses how the comic books have changed in their illustrations and their audience. He mentions how the general audience has changed throughout the years. He also says that children have grown less fond of comic books. He also says that comic books should try to go back to their roots. Chabon’s main claim is, “I suggest that a publisher should try putting out a truly thrilling, honestly observed and…

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  • Gant's Suit Store Case Analysis

    Dress shoes, socks, and belts Dress shoes and socks are popular with clients who want to be complete their attire from head to toe. In addition, the different variety of belts connects the shoes to the suits. Twenty brands of shirts, ties and bow ties Shirts, ties and bow ties complete the suit. Shirts can change frequently, and ties change the whole look of a suit. This reinforces Gant’s Suits mission of bringing the CEO out of you. The service offerings are tailor service and dry cleaner…

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  • Donald Trump's Dream Project: The Art Deco

    One of Donald Trump’s dream projects was to erect the Trump Tower. He bought the land which was the site of the Bonwit Teller store, an architecturally renowned building which had catered to fashionable women since 1929. The Bonwit’s twelve story façade was embellished with a pair of stunning bas-relief panels which often reflected itself as the priceless examples of the Art Deco era. The Art Deco style was characterised by excess ornamental design, smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Air Canada

    clothing market however, exist in very different ends of the industry. Burberry is a high-end name brand retailer whereas Zara is a lower end fast fashion retailer. Zara has built its brand through the building blocks of Superior Efficiency and Price. The clothing store has stores in over 2200 stores in 93 countries and is one of the world's leading fast fashion retailers. Instead of focusing on pricey advertising campaigns, Zara has focused on efficiency. The company does not sell its clothes…

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  • Review Of Fab Rik Dropshop: Critique

    What is fab’rik Dropshop? fab’rik Dropshop is a monthly delivery of clothing, based on your tastes, lifestyle and budget, hand selected by your very own Personal Stylist. Try on at home, keep your faves and return the rest for free! How is fab’rik Dropshop related to fab’rik boutiques? If you love fab’rik boutiques, you will experience the same love of Dropshop clothing with the added bonus of delivery! We are sister companies so expect the same amazing customer service and incredible style.…

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