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    The male character, John is an aggressive man whose ignorance of his wife’s problems shows clearly throughout the story. John, like American, also likes to dominate his wife by treating her like a small child. The author, “Monumental feminism and literature’s ancestral house: Another look at the “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Janice Haney-Peritz who is also the department of English, Beaver College quotes, “the narrator realizes herself in spite of John, that it can also be said that she realizes is not “her” self but self endangered by John’s demands and desires”(8). Janice also feels that the narrator feels that John’s dream consist of the girl who “crawls around the perimeter of the master bedroom, bound by an umbilical cord that keeps her firmly in place” (8). A reader would also agree with Janice by the way John tries to control her like a small child by putting her in a room filled with wallpaper despite knowing she is unwell and that he is a doctor. John is a man who relies on ignoring the problems associated with the narrator and in result controls her like a small child as the critic Janice says, “bound by an umbilical cord” (8). John is a character who doesn’t understand his wife’s problems and only adds to these issues by suffocating her in a room of ugly wallpaper and barred…

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    Director D.W. Griffith employs a variety of innovative filmmaking techniques, under the categories of mise-en-scene, cinematography and editing, to tell his narrative in Death’s Marathon. I will focus on a few techniques that stood out to me as essential stylistic decisions that progressed the narrative. Firstly, the costumes and how they distinguished between characters, and events; secondly, the blocking and character movements and how they expressed emotion; thirdly, the lighting and how it…

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