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  • Anne Frank Essay

    She had her father, mother, sister, the Van Daans, Miep, Mr. Dussel, and many more. Because of all of the love in her life, Anne knew she had to be nice somewhere in her heart, and once again, believed the same of others. She believed this because of her character. For example, on Hanukkah, while…

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  • Irena Sendler's Life Shaped Their Commitment To Social Justice

    Gestapo, German police, who then broke her limbs. She was sentenced to death but managed to escape. Irena Sendler and what she did was not recognized until 1999 by four high school students, in 2001, her story finally came to be known. She was given the Jan Karski award for Valor and Courage in 2003. Irena Sendler saved many lives and we owe her a great debt. In this essay, I would like us to honor and remember Irena Sendler, who died in 2008.…

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  • Jan Huss Argument Essay

    teachings and everything they had to say. The church slowly became corrupt because the leaders were trying to maintain a prideful facade. Leaders of the church decided to excommunicate and even execute people who challenged the church 's teachings. Jan Huss was one of these men that did not accept the church 's teachings. He was a Czech priest that was highly influenced by John Wycliffe. He was burned in 1415 after being accused as a heretic. One of the reasons why Huss was executed was because…

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  • Guns, The Protestant Reformation, And The Ming Dynasty

    Urgains G Vilsaint The trading of Guns, the Protestant Reformation, and the Ming Dynasty changed the world positively and negatively. Without these events, the face of the world would not have been the same. Since the 1450’s to today, one of the main things that has changes and shaped the world is the trade of guns and gun powder. Guns are good because they help Countries take over territories. Hernando Cortez used guns on his travelled and with the help of horses, diseases and guns he was…

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  • John Wycliffe And John Huss Essay

    Before the ecclesiastical reformation, formally known as the Protestant Reformation, before the time of Martin Luther, individuals began to spark the fire of the Protestant Reformation. Namely, John Wycliffe and John Huss, also known as Jan Hus, were predominant pre-reformers of the Protestant Reformation. Through their lifestyle, writings, ideas, John Wycliffe and John Huss triggered the Protestant Reformation. These contributions of Wycliffe and Huss were controversial in their time. The…

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  • Casey Anthony Research Paper

    The death of Caylee Anthony remains a mystery today. Many have thoughts and theories on what happened to this young girl. Sadly, we may never find justice for Caylee. The case may remain a mystery until someone comes forward and confesses to the crimes committed. The timeline and actions of those involved do not make sense the way they are laid out to us. Our justice system has failed this precious girl. We may never find out exactly what happened. As we delve into this mystery, we must…

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  • Luther: Man Between God And The Devil: Book Analysis

    Furthermore, most sources Oberman uses are German books written during the 1900s that include numerous primary sources, explanations, and quotes from documents written during the 1500s. Also, Oberman utilizes primary documents such as a letter from Jan Hus (Oberman, 1989, p. 333) and a rhyme Luther mentions (Oberman, 1989, p. 338). In addition to the citation of sources used, Oberman includes a list in the front of the book of the illustrations he used. Many of the illustrations used highlight…

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  • Sacred Spaces And Tourist Places: An Analysis

    You walk down the Haymarket area you hear jazz music coming from the business. You go to a game in Memorial Stadium classic rock songs are coming through the loudspeakers. When you go to the gym to work out a rap song is blaring out of the speakers. Music is constantly around us. When people hear a song images pop into their heads. Music plays a key role in the sense of place. The articles Place or Space and Sacred Spaces and Tourist Places, the way images are presented, and the things I learned…

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  • Jan Hus Martyr

    Jan Hus; Patriot or Martyr Jan Hus was a bohemian church reformer whose ideas had been years before his time. Hus was able to sway the church to accept so many different ideas than it had previously accepted though his teachings and sermons. Hus engrained his beliefs through the Bible, seeing as where he was from, the Bible was their main source of text. In this paper, three historian’s views will be analyzed through their arguments on Hus. Professor Stefan Swiezawski, Francišek Šmahel, and…

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  • In Spite Of Everything I Still Believe People Are Good At Heart Analysis

    In her diary, Anne Frank famously wrote, “In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” Why would she say that when all of these terrible things are happening in her family? What was going through her head when she wrote this? Who was she talking about? Anne Frank had a lot going through her mind while she was in hiding. She had no one to talk to, so she held in all of her thoughts to herself. Anne showed huge amounts of courage along with positivity. Throughout her whole…

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