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  • Elizabeth I And The Politics Of Sex And Power Summary

    The subtitle to this book, Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power perfectly describe the contents within. This book discusses in depth the many challenges that Elizabeth the First faced as the first female monarch of England, something that was much contested throughout the entirety of her rule. Her ability to properly rule on account of her gender was a much contested fact, one that continued until the very day of her death. Still, Levin shows through her book that despite the hardships…

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  • How Did Elizabeth 1 Influence Shakespeare's Poetry

    witnessing how Shakespeare was able to bring his words to life, even being assailed by other playwrights like Robert Greene because of Shakespeare 's work being superior than others. He had a huge audience, but from that very crowd was Queen Elizabeth I, a powerful queen that was able to destroy the Spanish and make her empire the number one super power in the world. Elizabeth’s aggressive ruling influenced his style such as Romeo at Juliet, when they both commit suicide in the end. When…

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  • Compare And Contrast Macbeth And Throne Of Blood

    Compare and Contrast (Macbeth and Throne Of Blood) Macbeth is a play written by the great English poet Shakespeare. Macbeth is a story about a soon to become king Macbeth. He is the main character of the story as he plays a big role in the events that occur during the story. Macbeth was known for being ambitious and a person with great perseverance. The movie Throne Of Blood is an adaption of the play Macbeth, but it’s not just a translation of literary text. In Fact, The director of the…

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  • Forgiveness In The Tempest

    I was not excepting for Prospero to be so forgiving of all those who had done him wrong 12 years ago. It seemed as though that he had held onto a lot of anger towards them throughout the play and when it came down to their meeting in person he easily forgave them. I do believe that his forgiveness portrays a characteristic that a good king should have. It seemed as though all he had done to make them suffer was unnecessary. That leads to what I disliked about The Tempest. I don’t understand…

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  • The Influence Of The Glorious Revolution On English Society

    The time of King James II of England was short. It began in February 1685 and ended in December 1688 with its forced "abdication", which we know as the glorious revolution. When he took office, James promised "to preserve this government in both the Church and the State, as now stated in the law." He was, however, a zealous Catholic, who wished to rebuild the Roman Catholic Church in England, and in his office he undertook every possible effort to promote the cause of Rome. James was the first…

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  • King James I: The Glorious Revolution

    glorious revolution began with the accession to the throne by James II, after the death of his brother, Charles II, in February 1685. This was possible due to the Tories having power in parliament, who were pro-Great Chain of being which allowed for James to get his ‘inheritance’. Although, once James sat upon the throne rebellion broke out led by Charles II favorite male bastard, Duke of Monmouth. The rebellion was put down fast since James had armed troops and the Duke had pitchforks. The Duke…

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  • King James II And The Glorious Revolution

    the personal aspect of his life and the flaws that James II made during his reign as the king of England. Also, it gives us an in-depth understanding of what actually lead to the downfall of James II and caused the ‘Glorious revolution’. Dutch conquest of England in year 1688 had profound implications not just England but the entire world. William of Orange who conquered England in 1688 brought in a revolution that completely transformed England and presented it as a strong, aggressive,…

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  • Captain Blood Play Analysis

    Captain Blood Summary Captain Blood is a story based on 17th century in England. Have you even seen/heard that physician turns into captain, fights the pirates and go against the government to have freedom? This story has adventure, action, romance, comedy with some suspense drama. Captain Blood, this wonderful tale is by Vidas Barzdukas. The story has been adapted from the novel by Rafaek Sabatini, its envision by John S. Kuhn and directed by Philip J. Hickman. This play was performed by the…

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  • Why Is Queen Elizabeth 1 Important

    Queen Elizabeth I worked hard to keep her place. She was known for supporting her people, this is why she was trusted. Queen Elizabeth I was a very important queen that accomplished many things and changed life for many people. Elizabeth Tudor was a very intelligent child. First of all Elizabeth was born on September 7th, 1533 in Greenwich, England. Her parents were Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. She had about six different mothers (Queen Elizabeth I Biography). Her father, Henry VIII beheaded her…

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  • Daenerys Targaryen's Leadership

    Daenerys Targaryen’s Leadership [Author’s Note: This paper has book and television show spoilers on the Game of Thrones and terminology that may confuse a non-Game of Thrones fan.] Game of Thrones is a fantasy series based on the Wars of the Roses. The Game of Throne’s plot center around the noble families fight for the Iron Throne, threats from supernatural forces, and how the last exiled Targaryen, Daenerys, will retake the Iron Throne. Daenerys Targaryen’s storyline portrays how…

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