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  • 2008 Financial Crisis Summary

    The year 2008 was hallmarked by a main financial-crisis particularly in United States. The recession witnessed therefrom was the highest since the 2nd world war. This had consequential effect since this financial crisis in U.S spread to other countries which led to detrimental impact to other countries economic system. A detailed analysis showcase that the financial crisis actually commenced in the year 2006, particularly, when the subprime-market for mortgage in United States commenced to…

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  • The Global Financial Crisis

    To ‘short’ in finance means a prediction that the investments will go down in future. Alternatively, it is an expert guess and analysis of the possible future decline in the line of investments. In this story, we can see the people of high profile with strong financial base predicting the fall of credit facilities and housing bubble before someone else could do so. They were able to use cognitive skills to determine the situation. However the prediction looked more of a game, but it turned out…

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  • Why Venture Capitals Are Important

    Venture capital is where investors finance a small business or a start-up business. Venture capitals will only invest in companies that they think may succeed. Venture capitals face very high risks but if they finance a company, they generally make decisions about the company. Venture capitals may be individual investors or banks. Many companies choose venture capitals because they have a greater chance of getting financed through them than they would through private funding. Venture capitals…

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  • Kar Canes Pvt Ltd Case Study

    CHAPTER-4 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION CREDIT MANAGEMENT AT KAR MOBILES PVT LTD: Very few companies have attempted a systematic articulation and formalization of their credit policy and KAR MOBILES PVT LTD is one among them. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Terms of payment at KAR MOBILES PVT LTD are open account. Credit sales at the company can be As per the purchase order the amount is taken at the time of delivery. • The company excise duty is 12%. • Letter of credit is also followed. • Mode of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Modern Portfolio Theory

    Fundamental principle of investment is the relationship between the risk and return tradeoff, where if there is high risk it will compensate with high return as well as the low risk with lower return. The risk can be classified into two types which are systematic (uncontrollable) risk and unsystematic (controllable) risk. The examples of systematic risk are the interest rate risk, inflation risk, foreign exchange risk, country risk, political risk and market risk. Meanwhile, the example of…

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  • Money And Financial Statement Analysis: The Time Value Of Money

    the US, corporate bonds constitute the largest proportion of the bond market. Corporations utilize proceeds from issuing bonds in many ways. They may undertake research and development, purchase new equipment, and finance mergers and acquisitions. A credit or default risk is the uncertainty that the corporation may fail to pay the interest and principal amount on maturity. Other risks include the interest rate risk; the price of a bond decreases with a rise in interest rates. Bonds with a long…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Martgage

    The indicated capitalization rate for this investment based on the information provided is 8.20% indicating the value of this property to be $7,317,073 or $7,320,000 rounded. I base this conclusion on the following calculations: • The mortgage constant is .085972 calculated using the following HP-12C keystrokes: F Clx 1 PV 6 g i 20 g n PMT 12 x • The percent paid off on the mortgage after 5 years is 15.1004% calculated using the following HP-12C keystrokes: F Clx 6 g i 20 g n 1 PV PMT 5 g n FV…

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  • Efficient Market Hypothesis Essay

    last year? (10 marks) R= ((40.71-37.25+0.60+1.15))/37.25=0.1399,or 13.99% There are two types of fund distributions: income distributions (potential dividends) and capital gains. Mutual funds invest in a variety of securities, including stocks, bonds and/or money market…

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  • Graham Buffett Rhetorical Analysis

    Buffett is an advocate of Graham’s investing principles. He uses his purchase of Washington Post Company to illustrate those principles. Buffett and others estimated the intrinsic value at between $400 and $500 million while the market price was $100 million. The key thing that Buffett takes from Graham’s principles is the practice of buying good businesses at market discounts compared to the underlying value. A common misconception is that the market provides the most accurate price. Buffett…

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  • Municipal Bonds Case Study

    1. What are municipal bonds? Describe two different types of municipal bonds. The two most common types of municipal bonds are the following: General obligation bonds are issued by states, cities or counties and not secured by any assets. Instead, general obligation are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the issuer, which has the power to tax residents to pay bondholders. 2. What is asset allocation? Why is this used? This is a technique used to spread your investment dollars across…

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