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  • Conformity Of Individuality In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

    Our humanity predicates on the principle that individuals’ freedom and originality coexist adamantly with different human beings’ relations and uniqueness, yet we often ostracize human beings’ individuality. Similarly, we can adversely pinpoint how our society’s persistent conformity to one ideal of a human being relates to the Utopian society’s conformity of individuality presented in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. We divulge the inhumane isolation of humane emotions in the novel, yet we are…

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  • Trip To A Trip Essay

    Trip to Hundred Islands In the summer of my third grade, when I was eight years old, I remembered when my parents told me that we were going to take a trip to Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan, Philippines. I said “ Are you being serious?” I was shocked, but excited when they told me. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was too hyped and thrilled. I thought it was quite spontaneous of them to decided to go to this trip since they were so occupied with work. The night before, I researched…

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  • Examples Of Utopia In Animal Farm

    INTRODUCTION What is a utopia? A utopia is “an imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect” (Merriam Webster ). It is human nature to desire and dream of living in such a place, where everything is in perfect order with abundant food resources, companions, and equality. Yet, it is also human nature to become self-centered and covetous, which corrupts our minds and leads us to chaos. On this account, achieving a utopic society in the real world is hardly…

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  • Theme Of Drugs In Brave New World

    Compare living in a utopian society as Huxley described it in the World State with life where drugs are part of their everyday life which controlled your emotions and freedoms. Aldous Huxley play’s with the idea of a dramatically dystopian society where drugs greatly inspired by government to hold control over person destiny. Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. The novel takes place in a dystopian world, in and around the London area. The general argument made by the Huxley’s…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Giver

    Have you ever wanted to live in a world the could be considered “perfect” or made up your own little world in you head in which everyone is the same, hunger is never an issue, equality exists, no crimes, or conflicts, and best of all, no bad memories? In Lois Lowry's book, The Giver, Jonas and his family, along with the rest of their community, they live in a utopia like society where everyone has the same rules, there are no important choices they have to make, there’s no war, pain or conflict,…

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  • Microcosm In Lord Of The Flies

    The world is a transcendent place, it is diverse, unique, and seemingly unreplicatable, but, in William Golding's Lord of the Flies the world is replicated. The small island on which a large group of English schoolboys become stranded after a mysterious plane crash is a perfect example of a microcosm, a little world. As the story progresses the boys become representations of humanity’s strongest and weakest aspects. Some will mirror leaders while others will take a more submissive role in the…

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  • Dehumanized Society In Brave New World

    What’s wrong with society? That’s a question asked by John, Bernard, and Helmholtz in a “Brave New World”. “Brave New World” was written by Aldous Huxley. This book was set in a Dystopian future where people are cloned in the World State Society because procreating is frowned upon, and even the word mom is considered smut. Even though sex is normal and have rituals for it. They even use soma a drug that makes you feel happy and makes you forget all your other feelings. There are many things…

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  • Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Summary

    decides to look more into these children his grandfather always talked about, combing through his old archives, discovering many crucial pieces that all corresponded to one place, a children's home in a small island off of England and a date of September 3d 1940. Curious, he leaves for the island and discovers a wrecked childrens home when he arrives. Jacob stumbles along and finds himself at that very children's home now in pristine condition,…

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  • Providence Island Research Paper

    Providence Island My Legend Travel. The perfect vacation doesn’t have to be in a big luxury hotel or in a recognised Inland, there is an Island that always distinguishes itself from the others around the word because its real adventure options, funny and friendly diversion, and baste diversity of sea food. Providence Island is a mountainous Caribbean Island part of Colombia, lying midway between Costa Rica and Jamaica. My personal experience on a trip with my family to Providencia will let you…

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  • John Greed Quotes

    Brave New World Essay In Life we all experience detached periods or moments of separation from others, feeling alone, different, and inadequate but these times can also bring out the best in us, we develop skills, discover interests, mature in who we are. “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley is a book about a controlled futuristic society where people are placed in caste systems, conditioned to do a single job and always remain happy, however, we are introduced to a few people who may be viewed as…

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